i Love one direction!!!! I always think that i will meet them one day and become one of their girlfriends. I thought i would meet them somewhere special like Paris or something but not in a causal place such as a bowling alley.


2. Bowling

"Hi, whats your name sweetie?" asked Louis.

"Emma"  a bit nervously.

 louis turned to face the guys and said " Mind if Emma plays with us a game or two and her friend?"

They all nod in agreement. 

So i`m bowling with freaking 1D..... fangirling here.. but keep it calm. 

I try to walk to the chair that Liam pulled out i limped a little but luckily Louis was holding my weak shoulder. I tried to bowl a couple of frames but my ankle was hurting like thiers no tomorrow. I started to take my shoes off when Harry noticed me and knowing him, he said "Here let me help with that"

" I see you do not to bowl anymore with us..."Liam said with a smile on his face. 

"Haha Liam, you know I love you in the inside" I looked at him with a smile. 

So girls how are u getting home?" asked Louis.

"I drove my car her, I brought sophie with me." i answered truthfully. 

"You could not possible drive with that hurt foot" Harry said with his cute facial expression. 

Switching it up... Me= Emma, Lou= Louis, H=Harry Z=Zayn and S=Sophie, L=Liam 

Me: I could

Lou: No. if you couldn`t bowl then how could you even drive

Me: it’s not hard. 

i try to stand on my feet. I fall on one step back into the chair.

Lou: See

Me: Ok fine. You can take me home 

Louis turns to Liam and says “Liam = can u take the guys back to the place, me and Harry got this."

He nodded and walked away. 

Harry and Louis  pick me up bridal style and carry me to the car with Sophie behind.


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