1. Morning

Today was the day that the park residents were off to the new hotel 'La Belle Hotel.' Only the finest,European hotel there is in the states.Rigby was already awake,stroking Mordecai's hair only for enjoyment.He loved teasing his crush as it meant him think Mordecai is real cute for a change.Mordecai soon woke up with a huge yawn.He sat up and faced Rigby who was grinning innocently with his chocolate eyes.

"When are we off?" Mordecai yawned whilst snuggling Rigby back under the covers in his comfortable bed.

"Around half past 10,we better get dressed..." Rigby whispered as his mouth was forcing his body towards Mordecai's.Mordecai slowly shut his eyes and patiently expected his first kiss from Rigby.When their lips touched.They slowly fell onto the bed,getting in position.Mordecai laying on his back and Rigby's legs separated from Mordecai's stomach.It was their first time ever,they both wanted this to be special.

"No...we-I can't." Mordecai paused.Since him and Rigby were both virgins they had no idea of whatsoever to do.

"Oh...ok." Rigby frowned a bit as he got turned on and was excited.

"But we'll definitely do it today," Mordecai yawned once again holding Rigby's hand.Rigby cheered up and got his clothes on,as did Mordecai.They left the room as a pair,holding hands and looking each other in the eye.

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