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1. Well... Hey New Life

*Chrissys P.O.V*


I looked up at the tall building that stood before me.... so I guess this is my new life... i guess fates giving me a second chance... but none the less... I still have to go to school.... which meant utter torture. Anyways, I walked into reception wearing a cute peach sweater and acid-washed high-waisted shorts, not that I felt an inch of confidence when wearing them but I gotta make some effort... right?  So I politely asked the tall women wearing glasses where I had to go, to... pick up my timetable and what not... she sent me to the head teacher's (Principal's) Office where I knocked on the door awaiting to be asked to enter... she let me in almost immediately by shouting "Come In!" her voice echoed throughout the halls, I walked in cautiously and sat at the seat on the opposite side of her desk... when she started questioning me 

"Oh, so you must be... Christina Miller?" She asked in a very welcoming and kind tone.

"Yeah, thats me.." I replied as I looked down at the floor

"We have been looking forward to welcoming you to our fine school with open arms dear, don't worry, you'll fit in fine here" She said smiling at the end of her sentence.

"Thanks, so, err, what class have I got now?" I questioned, hoping it would be a half-decent almost, laid back subject, cause i really couldn't deal with a Math or English class right now.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot... silly me"  She said chuckling at herself, and handed me my timetable and planner. 

"Great... Typical... I got Drama..." I actually loved Drama... was the one place where I could... just be me... so i just decided to walk over to my class.... getting lost about 5 times on the way but... we don't have to talk about that ... right? 

Once I had got to Drama, I knocked on the door and waited for her to acknowledge I was standing there, once she had welcomed me in, i put my bag to the side, grabbing a pen out of my bag and sat down. 

"You must be Christina.... Miller?... Our New Student?" She questioned checking a list of names that had been placed on her desk

"Yeah, that would be me..." I said and sat in silence for a while until a loud kid shouted from the back of the classroom

"Hey, Miss Days, can we ask Christina some, questions, you know, get to know her, make her feel more welcome?"  Asked the guy with a very strong British Accent, Who seemed really confident...unlike me

"Sure, why not Louis, So, class, any questions for Christina?" She asked, my heart beating really fast as I was a typically shy girl and I really hated talking about myself, and answering questions about myself and my past... my past is a part of my life I really regret... but none the less, I listened to every question and answered truthfully. 

"So, whats your name?" One girl at the front asked, I found out her name was Emilie, I really loved her name, it sounded really pretty.

"Oh, My name is Christina Miller, but most people just call me Chrissy, which I don't mind cause i don't really like the name Christina to be honest" I answered sending her a friendly smile

"You Single??" Louis Shouted, I Pulled a really confused face before answering... Why him, of all people... why did he wanna know if I was single...

".... Yeah, I am, but I just got out of a lets say... awkward and different... relationship... but, Yeah, I'm Single..." I Immediately looked down at my feet... nervous.... 

"Sorry to hear that... I bet it was his loss, you know... if that makes you feel any better?" He said almost blushing as he listened to every word carefully of my response 

Then, seconds later, the bell rang, filling the corridors and classrooms with a loud, deafening ringing noise, we were dismissed a few seconds after, where i stood outside the classroom trying to work out where my next lesson was, until I heard someones voice from over my shoulder... 

"So, what lesson have you got next?" He Asked With His adorable British accent, while I jumped as it took my totally by shock

"Err, I got Italian next..." I replied groaning, as I was really not in the mood to sit through a whole hour long Italian, don't get me wrong I love the language but... I really can't be asked with it...

"Hey, looks like we have all the same classes together... we should be spending a bit of time together then... gives us time to get to know eachother" He stated while winking and smirking at me... I just giggled and tried to find my way to class when I felt a hand on my shoulder... Louis... Again... 



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