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6. Tell The Girl

*Louis P.O.V* 

I caught up to Chrissy and sat beside her on the bleachers, she turned around slightly then looked at the floor. I frowned but the frown faded when she closed her book, looked up at me and smiled whispering a quiet 'Hey' before looking down at her feet, fiddling with her finger... I placed my finger under her chin, lifting it up so she was no longer looking at the floor and her head turned to meet my gaze. I smiled at her and started arguing with that stupid little voice in my head 

'For gods sake Tomlinson just tell her how you feel already'   

I sighed deeply and opened my mouth and I honestly wish I hadn't cause it all seemed like gibberish to me 

"Ahaaa, Hey Chrissy, You know your hair looks nice today, not that it looks horrible any other day its just.... Oh fucks sake... I'm talking nonsense... Lemme start again... Right err... I guess what I'm trying to say is.... IReallyLikeYouButLikeIKnowI'veOnlyKnownYouForLike2DayButYou'reGorgeousAndReallyNiceAndSweetAndKindAndCaringAndI'mGonnaShutUpNowCauseISoundLikeAnIdiot"


She giggled and stared at the floor as her cheeks turned a rosy pink shade... 

"What was that Louis?" she asked while giggling

"Don't make me repeat myself Costanza, I know you know perfectly well what I just said" I returned smirking as I did so...

"Ahaa, Not wrong there Tommo, but if this is your way of asking me out... Then sure... why not... Just tell me when and where and I'm there" She Winked at the end

"Seriously? I Mean, Err Cool Babe, How About This Saturday? I'll Pick You Up At 7?" I Tried To Play It Off All Cool Like... She just giggled

"When did we turn into a douche Tomlinson? I wanted to go out with Dorky Louis not Chavvy Tomlinson" She laughed as I chuckled under my breath 

"Seriously though Chrissy, See You Saturday, Right?" I Questioned, The realization that she had actually said yes, hadn't hit home yet 

"Aha, Sure thing Babe" She winked then got up and walked off leaving me dumbfounded as I just registered what had just happened.... Wow... Saturday Night should be interesting....



(A/N| Hey Guys Sorry Its Been 9 Months, Been Busy I Guess, Anyways Here Yah Go New Chapter, Anyways I've Started A New Story Called "Trapped, Captured, Kidnapped" Check It Out! And Yeah, Sorry Again Guys, Love Yah My Angels ~Gemma)

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