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5. My New Band

*Chrissy's P.O.V*


So, I'm now in a band with the coolest but most weird guys I've met, we really get on well, and I decided to change my last name for multiple reasons.... so guys, my new name is Christina Costanza and I think its cool and costanza was my mom's maiden name so, anyways louis has been really different with me lately..... he keeps giving Jeremy and Dan really weird looks at first it didn't bother me but now you can see him clearly bitching about me to his mates, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry... They were always giving me weird looks, it made me feel really insecure cause I hated people staring at me constantly... like I know i'm not beautiful, perfect, stunning, fit..... and sometimes it did bother me.... so I just walked off with the boys to Will's basement which is where we decided to do all our work for the band, oh yeah, speaking of which, we named the band "Against The Current".... 


*Louis' P.O.V*


During lunch I sat with the boys and Liam and I were telling them about our music lesson although I was supposed to tell them, I kept staring at Chrissy, she looked so beautiful today.... It made me chuckle to myself just thinking about her, then I noticed how Jeremy and Dan were looking at her, it really annoyed me.... like I wanted to hit them on the head with a hammer, she kept rolling her eyes at us... wait.... did she think we were talking crap about her..... Oh Shit! as soon as I realized it was too late, she had walked off and Jeremy wrapped his arm around her waist.... which is when I decided to stand up and follow them..... I needed to tell her...... I Needed to tell her how I felt....


*Harrys' P.O.V*


As soon as I saw Louis stand up and walk out I knew what he was doing.... he'd been on about this girl to me for what seemed like forever, I have to admit shes pretty fit, and quite the stunner, and I promise you now, if he doesn't date her.... I Will but I saw how he was looking at her..... he hasn't looked at anyone that way since Eleanor..... He did love her, but she was too much of an idiot to realize.... but Chrissy seemed different, she was in my Science class next.... maybe I should try and get to know her a bit..... and see if she would make a good girl for Louis, cause when he falls for a girl, he falls hard, and he will treat her like a Princess, I just hope shes worth it for him....


*Authors Notes* 

Sorry For This Short, Pretty Bad Chapter, I Promise I'll Write Longer, Better Chapeters Soon, Don't Forget To Comment What You Think Of This Movella, Cause It Helps Me With Ideas For Future Chapterss, Love You All My Little Angels,

Love, Gemma<3

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