Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


1. Character List


Lacey: the tiny mouse

Light brown hair and deep blue eyes

A mysterious young girl, who is used as a test subject, falls in love with her guard and they grow to have a strange relation ship between the two and his sister... that awkward moment when you're named after your crushes dead sister.

Rider: the controlled mutt

Dark brown hair and eyes, same for wolf form

A ware wolf who originally doesn't like a girl, and of course falls in love with her, but love is complicated; always. Like when you don't realize that your name came from a past love, because you don't have a name... Well what Rider seems to think is that's perfectly alright. He has much to learn.

Mersa: the lone cat

Fair skin, black hair, and glowing orange eyes, but married to her job. She is a very low spoken person, most of the time it can either be read off her face or your to scared to say anything. Mersa is very high and mighty with her self, with one problem; Neil. Although he may be the one who keeps her sane in his odd way, she also hates his love for her, things may never be as Neil hopes. Mersa is also a vampire ware wolf mix, so she has an outcast quality to herself, but she is also very strict and rude so respect is given.

Neil: the flightless bird

Blonde hair and green eyes; wolf form black fur and blue eyes

A strange ware wolf with his own ways, Neil never fails to love Mersa; and although she hates it, the two would never live without there love and hate. Poor Neil strives to keep up with his evil crush, but his heart races and her blood boils.

Kaden 'Raven': the dark flyer

Dark brown/black hair and gleaming icy blue eyes

Ash is an extreme bad boy, has a bad history and ran away from home. He isn't really the kind of guy that good for the easily manipulated. Good thing he meets the just as bad ass Mersa, but we'll see how well things go... For he is a dark angel and Mersa the vampire ware wolf kitty cat...

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