Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Mersa P.O.V; July 4, 5:30pm

I prepared myself for the gala that we were to attend in relatively a short time away. My long black hair fell into an elegant loose braid that cascaded to my left shoulder. Gala's required us to have formal clothing, such as dresses and suits; I was to wear a long flowing layered purple mermaid style dress. Neil came up behind me and placed a small chocker necklace with a gold coin around my neck. I turned to look up at him, he had a smile on his face, dressed in a white shirt with a black jacket, the white collar folded over the black, and a regular black fedora set on his head. I fixed his jacket a bit, "Look, Neil about a few nights ago," I stared to say

"Shhh," he hushed me, "Mersa doesn't apologize or regret things. Remember?" he said holding my face in one hand so that I looked up at his full beautiful smile.

When our eyes met I looked away blushing, but he pulled my chin so that I looked up at him, and he pressed his lips against mine just as a reminder that I'm his. I laughed a bit, "Every time... we're so stereotypical,"

"We have to be," Neil said, "We're us, and normal is just how we are,"

"I don't think this is norma,"

Probably not," Neil said baring a smile he holds out my hand, "C'mon," My hand now held by his, and he spins me, "Beautifully concealed, and?"

"Already waiting," I tell him before he could finish.

"Good, she's to much of a weakness," he spins me around once more then he takes my arm and I am escorted out of the room to the gala.

Lacey P.O.V

I stand in the mirror admiring myself, I don't remember ever seeing or having something so pretty. My dress was navy blue with long draping ruffles, my hair mostly hung in bouncy curls, and two pieces that would have been in my face were pulled back to hold my hair in place. Rider had entered my room, standing a distance away, he had a mesmerized smile on his face as he watched me in the mirror. He had a bad boy look to him, very suiting, a light grey button up collared shirt, with a red tie, and classic black dress pants. He soon came over to me and wrapped a chain necklace around my neck with a gold coin hanging from it. I watched the necklace in the mirror, when Rider turned me to look at him, "Just like a princess," he said looking at me, but I just stared at the ground, he lifted my face so that I look at him, "my princess," I give him a soft smile.

"I'm worried about Neil and Mersa," I said starring into his eyes

"They decided to go along with it, and they are all we have,"

"But what if we fail, Lawrence will kill us,"

"He has been planning to kill the world," Rider says laughing,

"Hmmm I guess.." I said thinking a bit

"Where's your cat?" he said looking around the room

"Kuro probably went with Moon Face," a big smile on my face

"I'm amazed Mersa, let you see Moon Face," he chuckled, "Well my princess... May I escort you to the gala," Rider bowed before me

I covered my mouth giggling a bit, "What a sweet bus boy offering such assistance," I now began laughing

Rider's jaw dropped, but began to laugh, "If you will come this way please," He held out his arm, mine joined in his as we stepped out the door, it looked as though Mersa and Neil were just leaving; Neil having Mersa hooked on his arm. Lawrence was waiting for us all in the hall way, when I saw him my jaw dropped I almost fainted, but Rider had me on his arm and supported me; Joseph Lawrence was standing there, slightly older face, brown hair, and shining light blue eyes, but no wings, and he seemed confident around me. He was dressed classy, white collared button up with a black jacket with a long tail. He gave me a small smile as he began to walk and we followed. He stopped at a set of doors that slid open. A loud horn blew and we came down a couple steps, the wheels jostled slightly as we stepped off.

Back when we had been told by Joseph Lawrence that we were attending the gala, I had been talking to Rider, "We will be getting off the train to attend this gala, so be prepared,"

"We're on a train," I asked in surprise

"Mhmmm, the lab and operation is on a train, it has been commenced since about four years ago, we have so many places to go while in the middle of this operation that we put ourselves on a train versus one place," Rider explained

We were met at the train by a fancy coach, Rider was prepared to assist me when Lawrence jumped in with his hand, he helped me up the steps, then pulled me close to whisper in my ear "I'm not who you saw..." then he let me away and said more aloud, "incase you were wondering, my left hand took Rider's and my right was released from Lawrence. I sat in the coach as we were taken to our destination, I starred out the window the entire way; the moon was full and a million stars shone in the sky, when we came to our destination it was a castle forever frozen in ice, though it was what appeared as midsummer.

Rider's P.O.V, 6:05pm

We had arrived at the Palace of Forever Ice, I watched Lacey as she starred out the window. I had assisted her out of the coach and in through the doors, we had come to the entry way made of pure ivory and gold, laced with fresh roses, like the entire palace; but Lacey lit up when she saw everything so new. I held my arm out to her, "I'll show you where to go," I led her into the giant ball room, the gem of the palace, gleaming an bright, but my gem of the night was right next to me, and she was all there was to it. I watched her go around the ball room, all she did was wander with the occasional twirl every now and again; without a care in the world. Once she did bump into someone, a young man, dressed in just a black button up shirt. I came over to apologize, "I'm sorry, we'll get out of your way," I told him helping Lacey up as she had fallen to the ground.

He looked up at Lacey and smiled, he had gleaming light blue eyes, "Don't worry about it, the fault is mine, if you'll excuse me," and he walked off.

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