Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Raven's P.O.V; July 8

I walk through the rain, her in my arms sleeping, the sky clouded, though it was later in the night, and rain dribbles down upon our faces. I carry her into a large village, all assortments being sold; I set her on a near by bench supporting her head with my shirt, and cover her with a blanket, protecting her from the rain as she sleeps. I walk away for a moment and come back to see her sleeping soundly, a smile comes across my face to see her at such peace.

I pick her back up, and see a small nearby inn, perfect for right now; I walk into a room her in my arms. I set her on the bed and she twists and turns on the tops of the covers; I brush her hair out of her face, her dress soaking wet. I slowly remove her dress trying not to disturb her, and I cover her in a cute warm outfit; a wool knit shirt of many colors that hangs to the sides of her shoulders and a loose knee length skirt. I take down her wet hair and brush my fingers through it, 'she sleeps so soundly,' I think to myself, a small smile comes to my face as she lightly adjusts her sleeping position. I pick her up once more setting her so that she is covered by the blankets, and I lay next to her above the cover and just watch her sleep peacefully.

Her eyes open lightly, "Raven?" she asks mostly still asleep

I run my hand across her cheek, "Don't worry, just sleep," I say baring her a smile

"Sleep with me..." she says very lightly and tired she lifts the covers for me and then returns to sleeping.

I lay under the covers, but some distance away not to bother her. I hear her feet move through the blanket as she tosses and turns. One of her feet lightly touches my leg, and she brings herself to wrap her feet around my leg. Now laying close to me, her arms tucked into her chest and her head presses agains my chest; I run my fingers through her long black hair, pushing her hair out of her ivory face. I come across her neck to see three long lines streaking down her jugular vein. I think back to when she had mentioned being a dual host, but there is one line for every time your soul is split, "But if that is true, she is split a third time," I spoke aloud subconsciously.

Her body twisted an turned, rain tapped on the window as it lit up the sky followed by the loud boom of thunder, it was all so real in the moment, until I looked down at her. Her eyes starting to open there orange glow struck me as a dream, she looked up at me confused, but happy; her sweet barring smile said she felt it to, hair still damp falling of her shoulders, I brush my hand under her hair and against her cheek. She stares me in the eyes, and all I can help but do is smile, and I unexpectedly missed the moment when her lips pressed against mine. All I could do was kiss her back not wanting to let go. She pulls away, and I look the other direction, my cheeks flushed, I look down at her awkwardly only to see her eyes still starring up at me and I quickly look away.

The sudden feeling of her hand turning my face back down toward her, she wraps her legs around my waist, and her arm around my neck. Her full lips pressed against mine. She was so straight forward, it didn't seem quite like her. I lift her up off the bed and set her on the floor, so that she stands next to the window. I lean my hand on the wall next to her head, and catch a glimpse out the window only to see Rider walking through the rain with a dire wolf by his side, my hand turns into a fist; and I push away from Mersa who stares at me awestruck, as I begin to walk away.

Will post more later <3

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