Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Rider's P.O.V; July 6

I lay on the ground motionless in the brightening dawn. My fur and claws begin to disappear into my human skin, bruises cover me, broken bones within me, but Lacey... 'LACEY' The shock through my mind, 'I need to find her,' two tears roll down my face and I remember; when she jumped. I brace myself and roll onto my stomach. An arm that appeared to be broken, I held o my chest while I used my left hand to pull myself across the ground in filth. I didn't know where Lacey was, where I was or was going, but all I could think in that moment was her. "Lacey," I whisper aloud, looking at the sky turning blue. I collapse on the ground and turn to look at the sky.

I look a head of me and see something charge at me like a grey blur, but my eyes close and all I see is Lacey, she stands in a field with nothing, but flowers for miles, we were happy. Her regular side ponytail crossing over her shoulder as she turns to look at me, Kuro sitting on her shoulder; a simple white dress that seemed to suit her danced in the wind. She ran towards me with tears in her eyes and the light passing by me was almost painful as I was dragged on my back trough the woods. Light that made its way through the leaves and branches randomly would pass by my eyes at moments; my eyes squinted looking up at the trees, regaining consciousness. I hear the drag of the logs bonded together by rope against the dirt below it. I look ahead and see a dire wolf, although it was an animal it had a feminine appearance to it. Her legs less bulky, a swaying tail, light blue eyes, and white glistening fur that cascaded her.

Every now and then she would turn back thinking that I was awake looking at her, but I would quickly lay my head down and close my eyes. At one point she stopped pulling me, so I closed my eyes; but she came to the logs and stood at my head, I peered one eye open and met her eyes full force starring into my soul. I lifted my arm that wasn't broken and heard her begin to snarl, but I refused to not touch her cheek and my hand met her face, "thank you," I whisper aloud. She starred at me as though a devious smile had come across her face. She brought her head down and began to push the logs with her head from the end that my head was laying. It seemed more difficult than pulling it with the rope on the other end, but it only lasted a short while when I was plunged into a shallow pool of blue clear water in the middle of the forest.

The water was cold but soothing, I lay with my eyes closed when I heard her voice, "your welcome," it was like an angel gentle and pure, but firm. I opened an eye and she was standing over me. I reached my arm up not realizing that it was the broken one now healed and scratched behind her long curly ear, but she began to walk away over to a near by tree. Glowing wings that didn't even connect to her body appeared, she began to leap up the branches of the tree and I hurried my self out of the water. I stood dripping wet in the dirt watching her leap up the tree, she stopped on the sixth branch many feet up and looked down on me. I stood at the base of the tree, my eyes on her, and I began to climb the trunk of the tree. She continuously went up the tree and I followed. The tree seemed to go on forever, I stopped to look at the ground and the pool of water appeared as a mere puddle. Several hundred feet in the air and I still clung to the tree, she was maybe eight or more branches above me waiting for my follow; and I continued to climb more. Though the tree seemed never ending and a pointless climb, it was beautiful, everything around was something that could never be experienced inside a train with no windows. The silence was even better no voices, just the wind and the occasional bird seemed worthy of the forest's beauty and amazement. I payed very little attention to my climbing, while I was to busy admire the view of the forest and got a view of a branch on my head (sincerely the forest) I look up and see her standing on the branch. A slight smile crosses her face and she disappears in the leaves, I grab the branch above my head and pulled my self through the branches. When my head poked through the branched, the inside of all the leaves was hollowed out only leaving the outer layer to conceive the house that was created on the inside with a small hole the size of a dinner plate that let in light from above. As I scanned the room, I saw her walk up a set of stairs and pushed open a door in the roof with her head and exited out with me trailing behind her. As my head came out from the house below the light was piercing bright, my eyes squint in the light. When everything adjusts all I see are the tops of trees for miles, the entire forest just stops growing in the same spot; but when I look up all there is, is open air and space, I reach my hand up to feel the air when it is stopped by a barrier and a small light pulse waved through out the barrier. I brought my hand down in sadness and I look over at her as she just starred out into the nothingness.

"Rider," I say holding out my hand smiling.

She takes the moment to look at me and leans down her head, I place my hand on her head with a smile, "Melody," I hear her angelic voice speak.

"Melody," I say to myself with a smile

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