Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Lacey P.O.V, July 5

I wake up in my bed all warm and cozy, only to see Rider leaning over me in panic, I couldn't hear him, but he was concerned and urging me to get up, I was still in my gown from the night before so it was a bit difficult. He pulled me to my feet when the train jostled and I was forced into Rider's arms. He pulled my chin to look up at him and he nodded me a serious look, it was really time. I nod in return as we exit the room, we find Mersa and Neil out in the hall way, they were both still in there out fits from last night. We walk quickly as we go towards the exit, I stop at the door seeing everyone look at me excited to leave; I pull open the door and there I stand my hair blowing in the wind, as the train travels on a bridge over a forest.

I turn to look back at everyone and I see Lawrence in the back full of rage ready to rip everyones throat; I no longer had any hesitation, and I jumped. Rider tried to grab my arm, but just pushed me to fall further into the wind and fell himself. Mersa the next standing at the door was prepared to stop Lawrence with all her power, but he came up to quickly pushing Neil who backed against Mersa who fell out of the train looking back at Neil screaming his name, when it happened. The guy from the glimpse of Lawrence's weakness, the boy came across the sky to grab Mersa and flew away into no where. I looked up at the train and saw Lawrence, jaw dropped, and Neil got a moment to push away from him and dive towards me, he hugged me tight then dove into the water with us both.

Mersa P.O.V

I look up at the train as I fall seeing Neil, I scream his name only to black from impact; all I thought about in my dream, was about that Neil was now dead. I wake up a bit to feel the wind blowing in my face, and when I look up I see trees below me like I was still falling, "Bright eyes decided to wake up," said a recognizable voice, and a recognizable nickname. I look up to see his gleaming eyes meet mine, "Hi," he said smiling, "you did say we would meet again,"

"Well you have a funny way of 'meeting again', " I replied

"Did you want to die?" He asked, "You fell out of a train,"

I look at him smiling, but annoyed, "I would have lived,"

"Oh really?" He asked

"Yes, actually,"

"What are you a host or something?"

I look at him with an eyebrow raised, "Yes, I am a split host,"

He smiled at me, "A dual host, huh? that's a first never met one like that before,"

"Hmm, yes," I said "It's quite something, especially when you can use a third of you own host to kill another," a devious smile came across my face.

He looked at me eyes wide, "Alright we're landing hold on," I look down as he begins to dive, I subconsciously grab onto him in a sudden panic. He sets me down on the ground, as the sun starts to set, "We'll be here for the night," He laid out a blanket and quickly put some rocks in a circle, I sat on the blanket while he began a fire. I watched him closely, sat down by me, a I moved a few inched away from him. He just stared at me with those gleaming eyes, "So are you part cat too?" He asked playing with my ears

"No," I answer, "I'm ware wolf vampire mix,"

"And a dual host. Wow, you have everything going for you"

I laugh "Not really, life's pretty crappy being the only one,"

"you've never met anyone like you?" he asked concern came to his face

"Ya," I said looking at the fire, "You don't always meet many who are of two hating species and have split there soul into three pieces,"

"Is that why he chose you?" He said looking at me, his face serious


"The one who runs the operation, Joseph,"

"Oh, Joseph Lawrence, ya that's why, since I have parts of my soul in other places it is easier, but how would you know?"

"Know that he is working on moving consciousness into other bodies?" He said laughing a bit, "Well, you have met 'again' someone that is like you," He looks at me with a shamed face, "I'm ware wolf dark angel," He looked at the ground

I began to laugh, "How does someone end up like that? They ware wolves hate all angels more than vampires,"

"Ask Lawrence," He said, "That's why I'm me, an he has, well had a Fallen,"

"A Fallen?" My eyes wide, "They aren't able to be controlled, ever"

"This one seemed like it didn't even realize what it was, like a child, no wings, no memory, great power," He said looking at me, "He must have been using it recently, because she was with..." He stopped talking

I looked at him, he was now starring into the fire, "What's your name?" I ask changing the subject

"Raven," He said

"Seems fitting," I replied

"I thought so too, and you?"


"Seems fitting," He joked, the end of my scythe was quickly at his neck, "You're holding that backwards,"

"I think I would know how to hold a scythe,"

"Then why is it backwards?"

"A blade of this perfection is to good to be used," I said lifting the opposing end, he raised an eyebrow at me and I turned the front end of the scythe towards him, "Do you want me to show you how this end works?"

"Don't worry about it," He said pushing away the blade, "So how did an evil girl like you, end up in a dress and smiling?"

I put away the blade and look at the ground, "Not everything in this world is so evil,"

"He died didn't he?" Raven asked "I saw you two dancing, he really is the only light in your life,"

I nod my head, "Him and Moon Face,"

"I've only seen one moon face," He said pointing to the sky

I laughed a bit giving him a small smile, "No that's just her name, she's a Lunar Fox and a third of my soul,"

"What's the other third?"

My scythe suddenly appears, with Raven's sudden flinch, "This is the other third," I say handing it to him, though he seemed a little edgy, I trusted him enough, my eyes widened, "Wait," I said, "Your Lawrence's son,"

He looks up at me with sadness in his eyes, "Sadly," He replies

"So he?"


"And your mom?"


"While he went to the other side of the split, to get the Fallen?" My eyes wide with shock and curiosity

"Mhmm," he looks at the ground, "and the you know the Fallen too,"

I think for a minute, when I realize that if the Fallen could move consciousness into my body. I froze, "Lacey," I said

Raven's fist clenched at the mention of the name, "Ya, if that's the name of the clumsy one, she was with... Rider..." his teeth grit saying his name, the hate was obvious,

I nod my head, "So she's a Fallen," I say, "So that's why," I think back to when I was locked away in my head, how she retched her throat. Raven looks at me with curious face, I return with a confused face, and he smiles at me. I lean my head back resting against a tree that the blanket was next to and close my eyes looking at the stars.

I feel my head pulled and then hugged awkwardly, but tryingly. My head lay on his chest, with his arms around my head, I feel his cheek press against the top of my head, "I don't know why," he whispers "but... I like you,"

"You'd be the first," I laugh my voice muffled by Raven's arms

"That guy seemed to like you a lot,"

Tears come to my eyes and the randomly pour down my face, "Neil," I cry, "He loved me and all I could do was give him hate,"

Raven hugged me more softly, he hushed me kindly lifting up my chin so that I could see his gleaming eyes that look like tiny moons.

Raven P.O.V

I meet her glowing eyes, and I study her precious face, her perfect fair skin taken by the black bangs that hang in her face. I press a kiss against her unexpectedly for her and myself, 'what are you doing?!' I scream in my head, but I felt her slightly press back, giving me a chance. I pull away, her now looking at the ground, "It may not seem like much, but just a simple kiss like that, is love..."

"It's not real.." my heart had a sudden sink, she looked up at me with such a serious childish face,

"Why are you so afraid of love?"

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