Alone Together

Book still in progress of writing...
A story of characters in there own little world, and how they see it through. They are all together, but die alone in the end...

Mersa, glowing orange eyes and a dark soul, the lone cat. Lacey, the girl who doesn't remember herself, a tiny mouse. Rider, a werewolf, dead sister, and been controlled since childhood, the controlled mutt. Neil, always giving love but given hate, the flightless bird can't pierce the dark clouds. Raven, the irresistible bad boy, who just has no care in the world anymore, the dark flyer.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lacey's P.O.V; June 28 4:00am

My eyes open and I find myself walking through corridors, like I had some place important to be. Until I turned to a door, which I had now opened to find a struggling body in a sort of mummified looking state; yet still alive. Creatures I saw, ware wolves, and I the innocent kitten being tempted to come in. Yet then my eyes truly shot wide open and I find myself in a room laying amongst objects used to be tested on lab mice, I was alone, but I was being monitored. I rose from the spot that I lay and hurried towards the door and it oped as I approached it, it willingly let me leave. I passed by a room with some of the wolf creatures from my dream, and a woman who seemed to be a ware wolf, but I was unsure. I caught some of the word they spoke, "Are you all right, was she to much?" asked one of the wolves as his head turned from the woman to me, standing there. The woman head turned fast she stared straight at me with her deep glowing eyes that were even more penetrating with her black hair.

"Mersa? Hello?" asked a wolf concerned

"I've got it, shut up!" she scowled at the wolf

I turned as though I saw nothing only to meet another wolf staring over me, "You shouldn't be out, should you girl?" I was asked by the wolf over me, he growled in my face, "No, you shouldn't and you deserve a permanent punishment..."

"Rider, I had this..." Mersa never finished

"Stand down Rider," a voice commanded, I turned my head to see a man standing there, I turned my head back and forth puzzled by the man who could control the beast known as Rider.

"But sir?" Rider questioned

"No excuses, we need her," the man answered glaring at Rider "Return her back to where she was originated,"

"Sir," Rider answered with no further question,

The man stopped him there and held him by the arm, "and you will apologize Rider," emphasizing his name, "she is our guest and deserves food and respect," Rider looked at him and bowed his head lightly with the most horrid face of hate for that man.

He brought me to the room I woke in and I sat on the bed, Rider had now become a man with the human appearance. He was kind of cute, brown hair, dark eyes, much better than the snarl and gut wrenching teeth. "Hey, I'm sorry," he said in a comforting tone handing me a glass and holding another in his hand while sitting down next to me. I stood up and kept a distance between us, "don't worry, if your scared, I'm not going to hurt you," I was fascinated by how human he was now than from the time he was a few minutes ago, I smell what was in the cup, he laughs, " it's alright, it's just water," I look at him puzzled, "wwaatteerr," he says slowly he takes a sip, "see? nothing bad about it, do you want mine instead?" he gestures out his cup and I quickly take it, handing him the one I had before. He chuckled again, "quick and feisty, that's cute,"

I sit down on the bed he was, still some distance away from him, my deep blue eyes met his, I turn away quickly, "thank you," I say lightly

"your welcome," he answers soft and sweet, and I return with a small smile, but the door opens, and Rider quickly stands as the man from before was standing in the door.

"Calm yourself Rider, just this once," the man said showing no emotion until he turned to me and bared the slightest smile, "hello," he said sweetly, "I'm Joseph Lawrence, I run this operation," I smile lightly in return my head to the ground, "A silent one, huh? Well that's a lot of power for one of the more quiet," Joseph Lawrence took Rider by the arm over into the corner of the room, "did you get anything out of her?"

"No, Sir," Rider said in a hush tone, "She hardly talked to me at all," he said as they talked in a hushed tone so I wouldn't over hear.

Joseph Lawrence walked back over to me, I'm sorry miss, but I'm afraid we are going to have to put you back to sleep," My eye open wide as Joseph starts to lean my head on the bed, I look at Rider scared to death and he looks at me with pity and then leaves the room, my eyes begin to droop and I slept again. Resuming my dream like it was paused for me, I was looking at the floor with my hand against the wall, I was sort of catching my breath, then I reassume perfect posture looking at the mummy body I walk over to the body and one of the wolves unfolds a set of tools. I look down at the tools, seeing small knives to cut open the body, but it seemed pointless to me as I looked again at the body. I undo the wrappings that covered the bodies face, it was a real person, no strange larva or wolf, just a regular person, she had crazy blonde hair curly and frizzy, and mesmerized, lucid light blue eyes. I studied her for a second until I drew in closer and drew into her neck ripping out her jugular. I stood up quickly after doing so, I left the room and exited into another room. I found myself standing at a sink, I rinse my face and look into the mirror, seeing the distinct dark red orange glowing eyes, accented with dark black bangs hanging in my face,Mersa, I study closely, staring intently at the mirror to see a bed in the background with a body laying on it. To my interest I walk over and see myself laying there before me...

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