The Story Of my Life

Lucy is 15 year old girl who is homschooled but one day wants to go to high school and meet other girls and boys the same age as her will everything go to plan......?
She goes to school and bumps into a boy (literally) and they fall in love!


3. OMG New Boyfriend!!!

So I was at the best school ever and I was so excited and so happy so I was walking down the halls after 3rd period listening to one direction on my iPod looking at one direction pictures on my iPod not looking where I was going while I was carrying lots of books that I was gonna go put in my locker. As I was walking along the halls I was walking not looking where I was going and I bumped into a super cute boy literally. "Excuse me I think this is yours". an Irish voice said. "Yeah thanks". I said quickly grabbing my books while looking into his deep-blue ocean eyes. "So um I'm Niall are you new here?" Niall said "Yeah, I'm um new here". I said "Cool. So um would you like to go out with me". Niall said "Well....yeah sure I'll meet you after school in town". I said "Yeah what's your name?" Niall asked "Oh how rude of me my names Lucy and I recognise you from somewhere". I said "Oh yeah where?" Niall asked "Are you Niall Horan from One Direction?" I asked "Yes I am Me, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn all go this school". Niall said "Wow, I never thought I'd actually get to go out with a member of 1D I just thought it would always be in my dreams". I said "Well you know what they say if you follow your dreams they will always come true one day". Niall said "Yeah I guess that is kinda true". I said  "Yeah, well I'll see ya later Lucy". Niall said "Yeah. I will bye now". I said "Were you just talking to Niall Horan". Cher asked "I--I--I...well yeah I was yeah". I said "OMG what happened?" Cher asked "Well er---her asked me out then well we're dating of course". I said "Awesome" Annabel and Cher said. Then Harry came over "Hi Cher". Harry said "Er---Hi". Cher said "Er--Cher look about that argument we had the other day I'm sorry it was a terrible mistake". Harry said "I forgive you Harry". Cher said "Awesome, so um--well do you wanna be my girlfriend again?" Harry asked "WHAT! Yes of course I'd love to be your girlfriend again". Cher said. "Awesome see you later babe maybe we could go out later you know me, you, Lucy and Niall". Harry said "Yeah I'd love to, That would be a special night for me Harry I love you". Cher said smiling. "I love you more Cher you're the only reason why I'm in the band One Direction". Harry said

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