The Story Of my Life

Lucy is 15 year old girl who is homschooled but one day wants to go to high school and meet other girls and boys the same age as her will everything go to plan......?
She goes to school and bumps into a boy (literally) and they fall in love!


4. Love Unknown x

I was in my room looking at 1D and thinking about how fantastic this day was it was such a perfect day just like one direction I couldn't believe my eyes when Niall asked me out today it was the best day of my life! While I was watching 1D's new video called Midnight Memories because all the girls at school were talking about it and I wanted to fit in I love 1D anyway because they're so adorable and just so perfect I've never met anyone like them and they sing to me and no boys sing to us :( x  so I was so excited when Niall Horan asked me out today at school my mum would never believe me so I didn't tell her at all because she would think I was crazy like any other Directioners would apparently say. I went to Cher's house because we were having a 1D sleepover it was Me, Cher and Annabel who was at the Sleepover we were gonna have the best time it's a good job Cher didn't tell Annabel that she was dating Harry because Annabel would of been so jealous because Annabel loves Harry so much and Cher was the Lucky one to go out with him. "So what's the news on you and Niall Lucy?" Cher asked

"Why?" I asked puzzled

"Because you two are so cute together". Annabel said

 "Is this why you invited me over Cher?" I asked

"No, of course not I also wanted to talk about 1D with you, Niall is a part of 1D". Cher said

"I know, I know. I'm just a lucky girl and I love him so much and I don't want to loose him". I said

"I know you don't Lucy". Cher said "It just feels weird having a famous boyfriends who's in a global boyband ya know what I mean". I said

"Er--no I don't". Cher said

"Cher I need to talk to you alone". I said

"What". Cher said

"Why won't you tell Annabel that your dating Harry she might even be happy for you Cher". I said

"You're right I'm gonna tell her right now". Cher said

"Good idea Cher it would be the right thing to do". I said

"Annabel can I talk to you". Cher said

"Of course, what is it". Annabel said

"Er--I'm going out with Harry". Cher said

"Ha Ha Ha don't make me laugh Cher". Annabel said

"It's true Annabel". Cher said

"You wouldn't make something up like that your my best friend and you wouldn't lie to me like that". Annabel said

"Are you mad at me". Cher said

"Of course I'm not". Annabel said

I was so happy then I felt my phone vibrate it was a text needing to be read from an unknown number the text read:

Hey babe have a good night X

Love N.H xx


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