The Story Of my Life

Lucy is 15 year old girl who is homschooled but one day wants to go to high school and meet other girls and boys the same age as her will everything go to plan......?
She goes to school and bumps into a boy (literally) and they fall in love!


1. Let me go!

Hi my name is Lucy and I am 15 years old and I have never met anyone outside of my house because I am home schooled and I never wanted to e home schooled but my mother thinks that its what's best for me and she home schooled me because she doesn't want to me to meet a boy and fall in love. She doesn't understand me its so unfair my mum thinks she knows what's best for me! Why wont she let me live my life I cant be trapped forever in my room can I?

After a few years I eventually snuck out my window to get out and look at the high school nearby and actually have a chance to talk to other teenagers my age and probably meet some super cute boys, and if my mum finds out then ill take the risk and be grounded I really wanna meet some other kids I feel alone I only have my family on my iPhone 5c its so unfair I don't have a best friend apart from dog crunchie and he sleeps all day most days.

So I went to the nearest high school and there were 2 girls outside the school so I said "Hi I'm Lucy" and the girl who was blonde/brown said "Hi I'm Cher are you new here". "I'm not lucky enough to go here" I said "Really and why's that" Cher asked "Well I...I'm home-schooled there go call me a freak". I said "why would we call you a freak". Cher asked "Well because I...I'm home schooled and your normal and I'm not". I said "That doesn't man you can't try to get into the school". Cher said "Hey Cher, who's the girl?" Annabel asked "This is Lucy she doesn't go to this school she's home-schooled". Cher said "Why are you home schooled" Annabel asked "Because my mum thinks she knows what's best for me and she doesn't want me to have a boyfriend". I said "Really, well who cares what your mum thinks come to this school you could have the cutest boyfriend in school think about it we could be friends you could be super popular". Annabel said "Your right. I'm gonna go ask my mum I don't need to be home Schooled!" I said "Your right, and my name's Annabel. Annabel Bower". Annabel said.

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