The Story Of my Life

Lucy is 15 year old girl who is homschooled but one day wants to go to high school and meet other girls and boys the same age as her will everything go to plan......?
She goes to school and bumps into a boy (literally) and they fall in love!


2. I don't wanna be home schooled Anymore!

I got home that very night and my mum wasn't home so I waited and waited and waited for my mum to come home I made Dinner for myself and then my Mum came home with a bunch of books. Then I said "Mum Can I ask you a question please". "Yes of course you can what is it sweetheart". Mum asked "Well I don't wanna be home-schooled anymore all I wanna do is be happy have friends my own age be normal 15 year old girl why cant I do that anymore! I wanna go to a High school you know the one down the road I want to go there". I said "Well if that's what you want". Mum said "Really your gonna let me got to the high school down the road". I said "Yes, I've home schooled you for a long time now and if its what you want to do then ok". Mum said "Wow thanks mum". So I went down the road to the High school I went to talk to the head teacher with my mum and I was so nervous I could barely eat my breakfast the next morning. I got ready with the school uniform my mum bought online for me, I put on some foundation and Mascara. Then I got into the car with my mum I was still nervous. When we arrived at the school we went straight into the Head Teachers office I got more nervous now. "Hello and you must be Miss Carmody am I right?" The Head Teacher asked "Yes I am and this is my Daughter Lucy Carmody". Mum said to the Head Teacher "Ah I see and you want to come into this school am I right by the way I'm Mr Brockman". Mr Brockman Said "Yes I would love to attend this school". I said "And why would you want to start a school with MANY boys and girls". Mr Brockman asked. "Because I want to meet new kids and have friends". I said "I see well let me take you to meet some fantastic delightful girls their names are Cher and Annabel you'll get a long with them Great". Mr Brockman said. So Mr Brockman took me see Cher and Annabel I didn't tell him that I had already met them in case he made me talk to someone else. "They sound lovely the way you described them". I said "Cher and Annabel this is Lucy I want you to be friends with her she's never attended a school before so look after her". Mr Brockman said. "Yes sir we will". Both of them said. "So Lucy you finally decided to come to this school and be popular then". Cher said "Yeah, I told my mum and she said if its what you want". I said "Has she gone". Annabel asked "I think so why". I asked "Because I saw someone ride in your car". Annabel said "That'll be my mum in the car". I said "Ah that's alright then". Annabel said "Lets get you super popular". Cher said "Ok I guess that's what I want". I said "Guys, Who thinks Lucy is beautiful if so make her popular". Cher said "Totes" Everyone said. "Hi Cher". Luke Webb said "Piss of Luke". Cher said "Yeah she will never go out with you now go and do your homework or whatever". Annabel said.

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