The Story Of my Life

Lucy is 15 year old girl who is homschooled but one day wants to go to high school and meet other girls and boys the same age as her will everything go to plan......?
She goes to school and bumps into a boy (literally) and they fall in love!


5. "Annabel I love you from Harry"

Me(Lucy), Annabel and Cher and  were having a sleepover at Annabels house twe were laughing giggiling on our way home from school about that weird kid called luke webb who fancied Cher. Cher hated him so much.

"He is such a freak. No one even likes him". I said

"I know right" Annabel said laughing.

"So. Who was that boy who were talking to earlier Annabel". Cher said in a voice that cher though the guy was a crush.

"We are friends and that is all we will ever be". Annabel said denying it.

"Really". I asked

"Yes really". Annabel said

"Do you not like him then". I said supiciously

"Ok. I have a crush on him but so what. I like him and I know he likes me too. I would shout fom the roof tops if I could". Annabel said.

"This is so cute Annabel! So, what's the guys name?" I asked

"Harry. He's called Harry styles". Annabel said

"Wait Harry. He thinks you are FIT!" Cher said surprised.

"Really?" Annabel said.

"Yes. Really. He told me yesterday at lunch". Cher said.

"OMG. I am so gonna ask him out". Annabel said determined to call him.

"Whoa. slow down girlfriend! Let the guy come to you he'll probably call you". I said

"Ok." Annabel said.

Then a phone rang. It was the Harry's ringtone.

"Hello?" Annabel said.

"Hello Annabel It's Harry. Could I ask you something?" Harry said.

"Yes of course you can ask me anything". Annabel said flirting and twirling her hair around her finger.

"Will you be my girlfriend". Harry said

"Yes Harry. Yes. I'd love to". Annabel said.

"Awesome. Harry said.

"I love you Hazza". Annabel said still twirling her hair around her finger.

"So what are you doing tonight". Harry asked

"I'm having a sleepover with my friends Cher and Lucy". Annabel said

"Can I come?" Harry asked.

"Sure. Come on over". Annabel said

"I'll just knock on your door then because I am waiting outside". Harry said laughing

"Oh Harry". Annabel said in a flirty voice

Harry then knocked on the door Annabel's mother came to the door.

"Hello. And who are you". Her mother asked

"I'm Harry Annabel's friend". Harry said

"Oh she's upstiars so go upstairs". Her mother said

Harry came in and closed the door and went up to Annabel's room. Where Lucy and Cher were talking to Annabel.

"Hey Annabel baby". Harry said in a sexy voice.

"HARRY!" Annabel ran into Harry's arms as soon as she saw him.

"Hey. Did you hear me talking downstairs". Harry said

"Yeah and I knew it would have been you". Annabel said.

"I've got some thing for you Annabel baby". Harry said

"What have you got me". Annabel said excitedly

"Here". Harry said sweetly

Annabel opend the box and it was a necklace with her name on it and the necklace sparkled. He also got Annabel Heart Shaped chocolates.

"OMG. Harry you are so romantic". Annabel said

"Aww thank you Annabel baby". Harry said.

Harry then put his arm around her and they cuddled. Eventually Cher put on the Notebbok for a film and Harry Cuddled Annabel closer. Then Annabel fell asleep in his arms and Harry kissed her on her forehead and Annabel smiled in her sleep. Eventually everyone was sound asleep.


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