Greed is a Nasty Little Thing

Artemis and The Onceler have always been friends, They've been through Hell and Back, But when the Seed of Greed is planted, will their Friendship Survive?



3. The Girl

The Onceler had just set off on his travels, full of ideas, an irrational sense of optimism, an unlimited supply of Marshmallows, a mule and his old guitar, he had just gotten past the fields, the desert and was about to take a right into Arctic Tundra, when a figure ran out in front.

Melvin reacted first, he pushed the cart to a stop, jogging his slightly travel-weary owner, "Whazat!? Melvin! Why did you stop? Huh? Who's that?" He saw the figure in front of Melvin, he got off his seat and strided over to where Melvin was, he gasped at the sight that was before him.

It was a small girl, no more than 16-ish? She was dressed in white skin-tight trousers, with a small white quiver, with a grey stripe running down it, attached to her left leg, she wore white trainers, white skin-tight, armless t-shirt, which stopped just short of her stomach, a white cloak, with a hood, which was down, which revealed a head of long, golden hair, and her hands, which were covered by white elbow length gloves, beneath them was a white fox mask, with a design painted on it in red.

On her back was a larger quiver, white, but with black markings on it, the same design as the mask, with a white wood and metal bow across her back, her arrows were made of white wood, with forest green fletching, with all the arrows combined, there were forty seven, on her waist was a simple white leather belt, attached to it were several kits, many pieces of almost futuristic technology, and fifteen throwing knives, on her person was seventy knives, of all varieties, however, what surprised The Onceler more was the fact that she had no ID on her, apart from what he assumed was a communications device, which was locked, there was nothing on her, no cash, no credit cards, nothing.

After debating with himself for several minutes, The Onceler gently lifted up the small girl and placed her in the back of his cart, then he maneuvered Melvin to the side of the road and began to wait for the girl to wake up.

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