Greed is a Nasty Little Thing

Artemis and The Onceler have always been friends, They've been through Hell and Back, But when the Seed of Greed is planted, will their Friendship Survive?



4. Run

It was a simple thing, protect him, get paid, 'die' and move on. Simple. In theory. However faking your death is not an easy thing, especially in North Nitch, in fact, it's practically impossible. But that's what me and my family did, the impossible. It's what we do best. It's hard, sure, but you get good pay and the family get's death money to cover the expenses, so long as your 'boss' doesn't wish to come to the funeral, you're done. Lay low for a few months and then you re-enter the workplace. Done, Easy, Simple.

Not this time.

"THERE SHE IS!!!!" "COME BACK HERE YOU TRAITOR!!!" "ALIX!!!!!!" Everyone in that town was now looking for her, everyone, she didn't think that guy could have so many connections in that town! It's unreal! Which makes her wonder what exactly he was doing in her specified one day off. Quickly, she shook that thought from her head, she would have time for thinking once she returned to headquarters, not running for her life in Arctic Tundra that was North Nitch, with a few hundred men, armed to the teeth, chasing her. She could easily outrun them, her training had provided her with that, but she had been running for days, everything in her burned and she couldn't quite focus, so she had slowed down dramatically.

However there was an upside, once she reached the desert, the others couldn't follow her without getting heatstroke in five seconds. She looked up, there it was! The desert! All she had to do was dash across and she'd be home free! All she had to do was...

It was too quick for her to react, she never noticed the cart coming across in front of her, what she did notice however that it seemed to be of an OutSide make.

Her head hitting the floor as she dodged to avoid it, and as everything faded to black, she could just pick up through the haze a braying of a... Mule!?

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