Greed is a Nasty Little Thing

Artemis and The Onceler have always been friends, They've been through Hell and Back, But when the Seed of Greed is planted, will their Friendship Survive?



6. HQ

When Artemis and The Onceler arrived in the valley, they bid each other farewell as they had separate paths to take.

Once arriving in Greenville, Artemis immediately went over to Lou's Army Surplus. You Can't Fake It! Smiling she entered and stood at the Clerk's desk. "That's a nice bow. Where'd you get it?" The man asked with a smile, "From Greece, where else?" Artemis returned the smile, the clerk opened the barrier which blocked access to the back room and said, "Why don't you show me where you got it from? I have a map." Rolling her eyes, Artemis said, "Really Lou. If we weren't related I would thwack your head in." When they reached the back room, Lou opened a floor panel and Artemis started the long descent down.

When she reached the bottom, she was greeted by two security detail, "Uncle Bob, Marley" She greeted them with a nod, they opened the door, and Artemis entered HQ.

What she and her family did was security detail, they guarded those that could afford to pay the cash first. Those who put the tea in first. They were the Secret Service, the Queen's Guard, they were those in the background. Everyone wanted to be a part of them, their company, but they didn't just work in the shadows, the shadows were them, they followed the unfollowable, they watched the unwatchable.

And Artemis was the best, with her bow, knives and age, she could get into anything, become anyone, she was taught from two to be an Invisible Guard, she rose through the ranks and became the best, that, however was now in danger, for when she entered, the large cavernous room, usually abuzz with activity, fell silent and as someone was about to tell her something Artemis responded, "Yes I know, Grandma wants to see me, God, why does she have to be my Superior!?" She stormed off, up a metal staircase and into the room at the top of it, slamming the door.

"Now, now, Artemis, when will you learn to stop slamming doors? Not only is it a bad habit, but you do it so often that it's become a trait with you! You know what I say about traits! To have one is-" "Is something which the enemy can use to gain intelligence about you! I know! I know! What did you want to see me for Grandma?" Artemis cut the old woman off, the woman then frowned but answered, "You didn't check in. I was beginning to worry about you, your 'boss' however, did. What the hell did you do Artemis?" Artemis sighed, but obliged, "I was going through the old routine, job, pay, fake death, high-tail it outta there, Townspeople caught me, told the Boss, I got roughed, then I broke out, and ran for it, half my gear's broken, I've lost two daggers and six arrows, and I ran across 3,000 miles of Arctic Tundra. I'm in need of several showers, a med check-up and another new sector." As Artemis said this last part, she slumped down on the sofa in front of the electric fire. "That job was a pain, I got next to no sleep with all the damn paperwork he sent me, he was a jackass, but at least I kicked his face in." She murmured happily as sleep came to claim her.

Grandma thought of telling her to move, and to go back to her quarters, but she was all the family she had left, being her literal Grandmother. She decided to let her sleep there, she looked like she had a rough few days at any rate.

But then something caught her nose, a scent of mule? Truffulas? all Grandma could say was;

"Curiouser and Curiouser..."

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