Greed is a Nasty Little Thing

Artemis and The Onceler have always been friends, They've been through Hell and Back, But when the Seed of Greed is planted, will their Friendship Survive?



5. Greetings

When the girl woke up, the first thing The Onceler did was check on her, but that was hard to do when you have a knife and an arrow in your face. He did find out however that she was multi-lingual in the space of a few seconds; "¿Dónde estoy? Où suis-je? ここで私はあるか。Wo bin ich? 在哪里我? Где я? Cá bhfuil mé? Ble ydw i? Qua sum Ego? Where am I?" the Onceler didn't know half those languages, but when she said the last one, he perked up, she must've took it as a sign that he understood, for she slowed down and spoke more slowly; "Where am I? Who are you?" The Onceler answered; "I'm The Onceler! Entrepreneur! And you Miss, are in my Wagon! Now. If you don't mind, who are you?" With that, the girl fell silent, as if contemplating something then she spoke again, "I'm Artemis. Pleased to meet you Onceler." She held out her white glove, which The Onceler took in his green one and shook firmly. "Well Artemis! Where are you heading?" Artemis had no answer, she wanted to be as far away from North Nitch as physically possible, but still, travelling with a stranger would compromise Rule No.1 of the Code. Which was the one rule she couldn't break, or bend, to suit her needs.

The Code

1) Never travel with anyone, especially a Boy.

2) Keep all weapons on you at all times.

3) Make sure your locator is on, if you're actually dead, we can't find you otherwise.

4) Check-in at regular intervals.

5) If the alias is crumbling, escape.

6) Never keep two alias going at the same time, it gets confusing.

7) If you run into someone from the past, follow Rule 5.

8) If you travel with anyone, under no circumstances reveal anything about yourself, if you have to, make it up.

9) Never reveal Us.

10) Never be Caught.

11) Never make Friends.

12) Keep them Guessing.

13) Never take off the Gloves.

Those were the rules, she had to follow or risk being ejected by Grandma from the Business. But still, she had to get to the Greenville branch one way or another. "Er. How about Greenville? I have business to take care of there." The Onceler beamed "That's just where I was heading! Looks like we'll be travelling together!" Artemis inwardly groaned, she would get so much from the Business that it almost wasn't worth it. But Onceler seemed like a trustworthy person, he was naïve to say the least, maybe this was a good thing.

"Maybe, Just Maybe..."


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