Greed is a Nasty Little Thing

Artemis and The Onceler have always been friends, They've been through Hell and Back, But when the Seed of Greed is planted, will their Friendship Survive?



1. Crows and Code

Mad Hatter

Everything is fine here in Wonderland, How are things in London? Good? Brilliant. Cheshire is fine, don't worry, Mad March is still in power though. Hope you haven't kicked it out there!

Red is for Bravery, Blue is for Water, Green is for Envy, Yellow is for Sun.

Alice xxx

The Hatter sighed as he put the Crow in it's cage, Alice had used the Black line, the most dangerous route out, but, with the others under watch, they had to be careful, since everyone thought he had died when he refused to leave his factory and it collapsed around him. Ha! So as he signed off his letter and grabbed another Crow out of it's cage, tied the letter around it's ankle and sent it off, he knew they didn't have long, Cheshire would have to be quick, otherwise the Resistance was done for.

He would just have to wait,

Which he'd done for a while,

But he could, just a bit longer,

Because if he didn't

Alice would kill him.

So, he sat in his creaky wooden chair,

and cast his mind to better times.

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