Imaginary Terry

Ellie, a small, mentally disabled 6 year old had an odd obssesion. Terry. Terry the Terror. Terry who tortures. Imaginary Terry. This so called "Imaginary friend" has grown to love to be around Ellie. Ellie, of course, beleived Terry is only imaginary, although she treats him like he is real.Ellie doesn't know the difference from real and fake. She doesn't know that Terry is his own figure. Eliie doesn't control him. Ellie won't interact with anyone other than Terry. She shuts out her parents and refuses to leave her room. What happens when Terry becomes too attached? Ellie's parents will intervene. Terry will stop them. Imaginary Terry.


1. Terry Stay

Terry, Terry,

Hear my call.

Terry, Terry,

Don't Let me fall.

Terry, Terry,

Come this way,

Terry, Terry,

Please come and play.


"Oh Terry! Come out wherever you are!" Ellie yelled. "Your too good at hiding. I give up! Please give me a turn."

At that moment, a pale figure appeared infront of the little girl.

"Where were you hiding Terry?" Ellie questioned in a sweet little voice. Too sweet for the life she has been given. Terry nodded his head up, with no response. He never did, but somehow Ellie could understand his solid motions.

"Oh that silly trick again." Ellie muttered. She reached her hand out to Terry, "I won't let you get away again, Terry. Your my friend and my only friend. That's all you can do Terry! Stay with me and play!" Ellie stomped her feet around and whined. 

Terry didn't move and showed no sign of sadness. No emotion at all.

"Ellie!" Ellie's mom yelled, clambering up the stairs, "What's all that noise your making?"

"Oh mommy will like you Terry" The young girl pointed right at him. Terry stood there seeming to completely ignore Ellie, and shut her out. He heard everything, though. Terry heard everything. Everything got through to Terry.

Once he had it, it never could leave. He kept it. He played with it. No, the subject of him listening is gone. This is Terry. Terry the Terror.

Ellie's mom attempted to open the door. It was locked. Ellie held in a giggle, and kept the sinister look in her eyes.

"Good work Terry." She whispered not taking her eyes off the struggling doorknob. Terry stood watching.

"Ellie! Unlock this door now! You have to stop this!" Ellie's mom screamed.

Ellie made no move, "Mommy! I don't lock the door! Terry does! He only is protecting me."

"Protecting you? From what?" She stopped, breathing heavily.

"You mommy." Ellie said coldly.

There was no response for a solid two minutes.

A laugh aroused in Ellie's mom's stomach. "Ha! No Terry doesn't exist sweetie! He's imaginary, remember?"

Ellie stomps, "NO! TERRY IS REAL!...Right Terry?" Ellie bats her eyes in Terry's direction. He's gone.







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