Imaginary Terry

Ellie, a small, mentally disabled 6 year old had an odd obssesion. Terry. Terry the Terror. Terry who tortures. Imaginary Terry. This so called "Imaginary friend" has grown to love to be around Ellie. Ellie, of course, beleived Terry is only imaginary, although she treats him like he is real.Ellie doesn't know the difference from real and fake. She doesn't know that Terry is his own figure. Eliie doesn't control him. Ellie won't interact with anyone other than Terry. She shuts out her parents and refuses to leave her room. What happens when Terry becomes too attached? Ellie's parents will intervene. Terry will stop them. Imaginary Terry.


9. Terry Gets His Way

Ellie's mom knew she had to escape. She didn't want to tell anyone. Especially Ellie. Terry would be watching, and she knew very well what he was capable of. 

Ellie ran on after her, letting herself be pulled. Ellie knew in her mind that Terry could, and would stop her. 

As her mom sprinted in the doors, she was abruptly stopped. A force. Nothing was there. Or, that's what she percieved. Of course, in her mind she had an eerie idea of what was trying to stop her from leaving.

No, not Ellie's mom leaving. Ellie. Terry wanted to keep Ellie. Ellie doesn't know the dangers. Ellie's mom began to panic. Shuffling side to side, trying to figure out where to go.

Stopped. She turned and tried to run out the door, thinking it was safe. Ellie stood still, a smirk growing on her face.

"I wouldn't do that Mommy."

Ellie's mom didn't listen. She ignored the fact that Ellie knew exactly what she was going to do. 

She ran, ran. Leaving her only bit of family behind. Ellie. She knew that Ellie hated her. 

A scream pierced the air. Ellie giggled as if a friend had told her a funny joke. Terry appeared in front of Ellie. Ellie ran to him to embrace him. Terry pulled away, a grim look dancing in his eyes.

"We finally did it Terry! We can be together forever!"

Terry remained still. Yet, his motives have changed. Terry wanted to be alone. Ellie wanted to be alone with Terry.

Terry wants Ellie gone.

"Let's go play, Terry." Ellie squealed.

Terry always gets his way.


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