Imaginary Terry

Ellie, a small, mentally disabled 6 year old had an odd obssesion. Terry. Terry the Terror. Terry who tortures. Imaginary Terry. This so called "Imaginary friend" has grown to love to be around Ellie. Ellie, of course, beleived Terry is only imaginary, although she treats him like he is real.Ellie doesn't know the difference from real and fake. She doesn't know that Terry is his own figure. Eliie doesn't control him. Ellie won't interact with anyone other than Terry. She shuts out her parents and refuses to leave her room. What happens when Terry becomes too attached? Ellie's parents will intervene. Terry will stop them. Imaginary Terry.


2. Life

Terry is a strange figure. He always has been. No, not just here in his afterlife as what you may call a "ghost". Terry is but a free spirit, roaming to find redemption. This redemption. Ellie. Oh, little Ellie. Poor demented Ellie. Not a clue. Not a clue at all.

Terry is her best friend. Obsessive. Yes. Maybe a bit too obsessive. Oh no, not just Ellie. Terry too. Ha. His obsession is stronger. It doesn't show, but Ellie is too special to him. Ellie is his life. Why? So, I see you know nothing of Terry's former life. Not his former life among the dead. Life. Full of energy.

Terry, a poor child. With a state of mind that, well, it was somewhat crazy. Terry. Terrible two's? Nothing. Terry was terrible all the time. His family was the source of his hatred towards mankind. Those wretched parents of his, took away his happiness. Julia.

Julia, Terry's best friend. Gone. Terry was never the same after that tragic moment his parents ripped out his only reason to live. There again. Live, life. Full of energy. That's what they think. All of them. No. After Julia was gone, Terry didn't live. Sure, he was still physically there, but no purpose was brought upon him.

Terry soon enough, learned the evil ways that your mind can attack. Suicide. Only 6 years old he was.


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