Imaginary Terry

Ellie, a small, mentally disabled 6 year old had an odd obssesion. Terry. Terry the Terror. Terry who tortures. Imaginary Terry. This so called "Imaginary friend" has grown to love to be around Ellie. Ellie, of course, beleived Terry is only imaginary, although she treats him like he is real.Ellie doesn't know the difference from real and fake. She doesn't know that Terry is his own figure. Eliie doesn't control him. Ellie won't interact with anyone other than Terry. She shuts out her parents and refuses to leave her room. What happens when Terry becomes too attached? Ellie's parents will intervene. Terry will stop them. Imaginary Terry.


8. Interrogation

Terry, Terry

Kill them all.

Terry, Terry,

You aren't that small.

Terry, Terry,

My best friend,

Terry, Terry,

I will continue your "trend"

"I don't know what happened...Ellie, my daughter, was in the room with him for her..erm..mental issues." She avoided Ellie's stiff eyes, "and I walk in, noticing it got quiet, Ellie had been screaming." She fumbles over her words, eyes bloodshot. Anyone witnessing the gory, twisted face of the doctor would act this way. Uncertain.

"Was there anyone else in the room?" The officer asked.

Ellie's mom stops to think, "No. Not that I knew of. It was a small room, dark too." The officer nods, trying to process the information.

"It seems the only possible answer to this mans death was someone bent his neck back, and even beat his head. Looking at this man's records, I can't imagine who.Ha! Ellie knows. "You don't think..." The officer looks at Ellie's mom sympathetically. Silence. 

A tear escapes her eye. That thought. Too sad. Dark. Grim."She-" She trembles at the thought "She wouldn't." She shook her head. Tears. Falling, falling.

In Ellie's mom's mind, a part of her felt the terrible feeling of Terry's presence. She realized, Terry could be real. Taunting. Torturing.

"Okay. That's all. You may leave." The officer states quietly.

The thought that a murderous ghost was living in her house made her start to panic. She frantically grabbed Ellie's arm, and ran.

She needed help. Soon. Desperately. Or Terry would send another to haunt the doors of the devil. No return.

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