Imaginary Terry

Ellie, a small, mentally disabled 6 year old had an odd obssesion. Terry. Terry the Terror. Terry who tortures. Imaginary Terry. This so called "Imaginary friend" has grown to love to be around Ellie. Ellie, of course, beleived Terry is only imaginary, although she treats him like he is real.Ellie doesn't know the difference from real and fake. She doesn't know that Terry is his own figure. Eliie doesn't control him. Ellie won't interact with anyone other than Terry. She shuts out her parents and refuses to leave her room. What happens when Terry becomes too attached? Ellie's parents will intervene. Terry will stop them. Imaginary Terry.


5. Death

Terry, Terry,

I'm insane today,

Terry, Terry,

Why can't we just play?

Terry, Terry,

Gray is good,

Terry, Terry,

Help the dark hood.

Ellie can't escape not now. They already have her in their grasp. "LET GO OF ME! I WILL BITE YOU!" These cries were truly saddening. Watching her mom literally dragging her down the hallways of the asylum.

"Ellie calm down! NOW!" Ellie's mom yelled, impatient and tired. She was only doing what was. Or what she thought was best. Ha! If only she knew the wonders of her child. Then she would only try to hide Ellie from Terry.

"Mommy." Ellie said.

"Yes?" Ellie's mom asked, startled by the lack of screeching.

"Where are we?" Ellie questioned between breaths and sniffles.

Ellie's mom thought of what to say. She couldn't tell her daughter that she was at an insane asylum. No. "The doctor's"

"Nuh uh. This is..." Ellie paused, "different."

Ellie's mom hesitated, "We are trying out" She waited for Ellie to detect her lie. Dead silence.

They continued down the halls.

That's only until Ellie screamed out, "TERRY!"

Ellie's mom sighed, "Ellie, Terry is not here. In fact, Terry is nowhere." Ellie gave her a cold, hard look. Death.

Terry was there, in fact. Watching. He watched over Ellie like a crow. Cold, black dead eyes. Death. Ellie called for Terry. He stayed, thinking. Death.

Terry can only do one thing, and that's only one thing. Death.




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