What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


5. This is it

Dear diary,

My mother saw me crying when I ran up the stairs, I went to check my phone and threatening and pointless text messages were piling in on my phone. They all just said 'Kill yourself'. I really should if that was what was wanted. If that was what the world would be a better place without me in it. I kept on crying, crying so much that my heart felt like it was going to stop on it's own. I couldn't bare the pain anymore. It's been two years for the bullying of me being gay. 

Mother said it'll be much better once I leave. 

That's a lie... 

Truly one fat lie. 

If it was going to get better mother, than why do i feel like you don't even pay enough attention towards your own daughter as well? 

My plan is, 

lock myself in the bathroom. 

Make a bath. 

make a few cuts when I'm in the bath until I feel like I was going to faint. 

If mother and Lizzy knock on the door, I swear I won't answer it. 

I swear I'll give everyone's wish dream come true.

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