What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


4. The empty hall

Dear diary,

I saw Danny in the assembly hall today alone. I decided to confront myself and ask for answers of why he was avoiding me so much. It wasn't like he ever cared for me in the first place- or so i thought. 

    "I care about you, I really do. I can't be seen with you though, I don't want to feel what you're feeling." He told me as he went to hold my hand. I felt much better when he said he cared, but i knew that was a total lie. I knew he was completely against me. He thought I was an embarrassment to the world. An embarrassment to him. That was when he changed back into the others, that was when all the girls came in to the assembly hall. They had water hoses, water guns and tissues stuffed behind their backs. They told me that I don't belong here, I don't belong in this world because I was gay. Because I liked boys. That was when they used the water guns and hoses on me. They got me drenched in my uniform, and a few others were throwing tissues at me, and it stuck on me. The water was freezing cold... I felt as if i was going to drown. Drown in my tears and the puddle of water that they left for me to collapse on. Danny didn't even help me.

That was when I knew we'd never happen.

That was when I knew that I should leave this school. And I meant leave this school. 

But I didn't know how. 

A few teachers were walking past in the science corridors, they noticed me curled up in a heap and drenched clothes. Two women came to help me, but although I haven't broken anything- I still ached so much and i managed to hide it until i got up to my room. 

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