What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


2. Text messages

Dear diary,

I should really break my iPhone. Things are getting out of hand. The school teachers say that they're only doing it because they're to afraid to face me in real life. But I knew that they didn't even approve. The pupils, they'd stare at me as if I was something levitating in thin air. 

My latest text message was one from a girl called Sephy, the top girl in my class. I really didn't expect her... of all to join in the messaging.


Why won't you just go slit your wrists now and stop feeling sorry for yourself, It's the only option you can do if you won't change your sexual desires. It's not our fault so it'll be the best thing to do for your low life. 


I wanted to so badly, throw my iPhone out at the window, but my mother will realize that I'm being picked on- which would be a no go for me if they ever found out. I truly was thinking about it... but it would be too dramatic, and it'll cause to much attention for the silly little girl who's in "Make belief land.". No, it wasn't happening. I can deal with this for another five years at least... college is going to be better, right? That's what I would like to think anyway... 

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