What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


7. Seeing things [Danny]

(It's a good idea to listen to- Savior: Black veil brides, it helps fit the mood) 

I stood by Melanie's gravestone at her funeral. I stared deeply into it, as if I could see her bright blue eyes and blonde hair, with blemished free creamy skin. I felt as if this was all my fault. I felt as if I should've been the one in the grave not protecting her. I shook my head violently as more tears came running down to my face. I didn't know about the text messages, or the school showers. And it was all my fault for being insecure about the whole being gay thing in the hall. 

    I didn't even plan the whole surprising event- I wouldn't dare to do it in a million years, not to Melanie anyway. She had been so delicate and fragile that she took things in the wrong way. I was scared if my mum found out I liked her, I was scared of what she would think of me... It's all my own fault for not protecting her or standing by her side. I blinked back my tears as Melanie's mother placed her soothing, icy hand on my shoulder and I spun around to face her. 

 Her mother smiled at me faintly, and her chin trembled. She was wearing a black thin dress and it was all laced decoratively from her left shoulder to the start of her hip. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a clip, and her mascara trickled down from her face. 

      'I knew she loved you... I just knew it... B-but why?' She asked me with a hint of curiosity. I gulped slowly, I hadn't really communicated with Melanie's mother before. I reflected her false smile back.

     'We've known each other since we were little, you know that... I just wish... I was there to do something...' I looked towards the ground, and Melanie's mother hand slowly slid of my shoulder. 

     'She- she killed herself in the bathtub... locking herself in the bathroom... there was blood in the water...' She exclaimed, pulling a grimaced face, she was struggling to put it in a sentence. I stared at her in sympathy, I didn't say anything. It was too much to take in, Melanie harmed herself- and that wasn't like her at all. I could see her huge grin on her face in my head, she was just... laughing and she had told me that she loved me. Melanie's mother slowly walked away and went back to her wife, and then the whole funeral departed slowly. 

I stayed for a little while longer, I couldn't keep my eyes of Melanie's gravestone. 

It read 'In a loving memory of Melanie Armstrong, a great daughter and friend, born: 1997-2014' I clenched my fists tight, and tensed my jaw with anger. I collapsed awkwardly on the ground on top of her grave, and mourned. My eyes were like a tap turned on, water was running out of my eyes, but they still hadn't ran out. I screamed at the grey cloudy sky, calling out for Melanie.  

    'Danny?' A soft, soothing voice asked behind. I blinked in surprise, and I turned around. There was a familiar blonde haired girl, in a white thin silky dress- she didn't wear any shoes or socks. Her eyes were jewel colored blue, making her look fragile with blemished free creamy pale skin. My eyes widened in surprise as I instantly knew who she had been. Melanie, was standing on her grave, just a few centimeters away from our foreheads touching. I nodded slowly, and blinked back my tears again. Melanie's bright red lips smiled at me, and she had took my hand in hers. 

  'Melanie... you're...' I struggled to find my voice. Melanie frowned slightly at me.

 'I know Danny... I know I am. Don't blame yourself, okay? I can see it in your eyes that you are... Please, move on with life with out me. That'll be my favor for you once I'm fully gone. I'll always love you, you know that. But please- make sure you find some one you love as much as you love me, okay?' Melanie asked promisingly, and quickly as if she hadn't had enough time left. She was smiling for once- this had been the first time, in a while I saw her happy- and that made me smile back. 

  'I'm not promising that I'll love anyone as much as I love you... but... I'll do it for you...' I told her, because all I wanted was Melanie- and I couldn't help but let a single tear come trickling down from my eye. She placed her delicate hand on my cheek and caressed it slowly, smiling at me. She lent in a few centimeters more, and our lips touched softly. I let my mouth press up on hers, I wrapped my arms around her neck for safety- not ever letting her go. But as soon as I did that... Melanie's lips slid of mine and she backed away in tears, they weren't depressing, or mourning tears- they were happy ones.

    'Goodbye, Danny...' She twirled around to face a shady oak tree, and her white dress spun with her in the wind- and her image, soon gradually dissolved. 

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