What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


6. Ending [Danny]

I shouldn't have left you alone Melly... 

I wish I was a better friend...

I wish I wasn't so afraid of what others thought about me and you together...

So here's my gift, roses red and white, and violates.

My apology is a poem. 


Roses are red

Violates are blue

If you were alive

I would love you as much as you do. 

Violate describes the color I'm feeling, down and helpless. 

I didn't know i was being so Selfish...

I love you, and you knew that I do, I pushed you away

And now there's something I must do. 

I will honor you in my heart

and I'll love you until death till to apart.


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