Robotic (16+)


2. Settling Down

"Kyle!" I giggled, knowing he was going extra fast on purpose, just to amuse me. The wind wept through my hair, walking me up quickly.

"What?" He asked innocently in his voice that almost sounded human.

"You know what!" I smiled, watching the forest zoom by. Kyle usually ran about 50 miles an hour, but right now he was going at least 115. It was crazy when he first started going fast, I always felt like I was going to fall off his back.

"Here we are, m'lady." Kyla grinned at me as he set me back on my feet and watched as I fumbled to regain my balance - literally.

"That was so fun!" I yelled.

"Exactly. That's why you don't order me to stop running."

I rolled my eyes at his playfulness, "Mmhm."

"The town here is about 5 miles away." He told me.

"You'd better change back-" I didn't even have to finish that sentence, for Kyle was already changing into his human form, the metal disappearing.

He smirked at me, knowing just what I was about to say. I rolled my eyes at him again and started walking towards our next destination. The small town, a half-an-hour-walk away.

I heard his jets go off and knew he was now just right behind me. "You know, if I went and told someone that you're a robot with special abilities like flying with jets, changing forms, reading people's thoughts, and many other things, I would probably be put into a nut home."

"I know." He simply said, then started walking right next to me.

"Is it weird. . . That I actually kind of want to settle down somewhere for a while?" We'd been on the run for months, and we don't even know we are running from.

"You're right. I think whatever has been following us has given up maybe. We shouldn't stay for more than a year, though. I haven't felt the presence for two months."

The whole reason why we'd been running from "something that we didn't even know" is that Kyle has (yet another) ability to feel strange things, such as someone following us.

"Why didn't you tell me it's been two months? We could've settled down a long time ago."

"It might not have been safe still. Once we find a place to stay we have to make sure it has great protection." He told me, and I knew what he meant by that. He would build us protection, and when I mean protection, I mean 15 feet high fences around our house protection.


Soon we arrived in the small town, and Kyle and I decided it would be perfect to build a house there. So we did. We bought a property in the pit of the woods (with my money from my father's will) and spent the next two weeks building the new home. The property was right on the edge of a small lake that no other property was on. So pretty much, we had a whole lake to ourselves.

The building process went way faster than it would with normal humans because of Kyle's speed and strength.

"It's so cute!" I exclaimed, wiping my sweat-stricken forehead. Kyle chuckled at my reaction.

The house was made of glass, bullet-proof, everything-proof glass. It was very small, and from the outside you would just think that it was almost link an outdoor bedroom, but really Kyle built an underground area that had a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and T.V. room. Kyle had built the gist of the home underground for safety purposes. (Of course.) He had wanted the bedroom above ground so that he could be on alert 24-7.

"I love you!" I threw my arms around Kyle's neck and hugged him to me. I really did love him, he was my best friend and he always would be.

"Ha. Love you, too." He picked me up by the waist and spun my around in the air a few times until I was very dizzy, then he put me back on my feet, but not before holding me still for a few moments so I wouldn't fall on my butt. He laughed at my coy fused face.

"Not funny!" I pouted, puffing my lips out.

"I've wanted to do something for a long time, you know." Kyle told me while staring at my lips.

"What?" I asked him.

"This." I was about to ask him what again when he pressing his rough lips to mine.

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