Robotic (16+)


1. Prologue

"What. . . else. . . could happen. . ." I gasped, closing my eyes. This was it, this was rock bottom.  "I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die." I whispered to myself. 


"No you're not." Said a deep, almost automatic voice from in front of me. I didn't bother looking up at whomever was standing there, I didn't bother to move from my curled up position under the safety of the willow tree. 


"Brook, look at me, please." My fear grew as I didn't know how this strange voice knew my name. I slowly lifted my head so I was facing him and my eyes widened when I saw the. . . creature standing in front of me.


That's how it all began. Kyle scared the crap out of me by showing up when I hit rock bottom in his normal form.  It was probably one of the scariest things I had experienced in my life. 


Kyle had been living "inside my soul" since I was born. I had no idea how, and Kyle knows but would not tell me no matter how much I begged him to. My theory was that my father led him to me somehow. I didn't even know what not to believe anymore, when Kyle came into my life my whole world changed. I went from a world of normalism to a world and fantasies.


Kyle wasn't - and still isn't - the most normal "person" on earth. . . he appeared to be a person from the human eye, but that's all just a cover. A cover for what he really is. . . a machine.


This is Kyle and I's story.

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