The Doctor and Everdeen

What should have happened when Katniss is rescued from the arena. She isn't saved by District 3, she is saved by a raggedy man in a blue box...


1. First meeting

A/N This chapter is different to the one in Catching Fire. I know, that is the point.


I looked around me. The stars shone in the distance. The clouds were only a touching distance away. I didn't understand where I was, or how I got there. But he explained. The raggedy man in the blue box.


I was in the arena, the trap was almost in place. I only had to get off the beach, and then I would be able to get back home, with Peeta. Peeta, I hadn't seen him for hours. That's when I heard the shouts. I turned, and ran. Panic began to freeze me, what if the worst had happened. I battled on, not knowing what to expect. Trees battered my arms and roots ensnared my legs. I stumbled once, twice. I began to lose count. When I did manage to reach the clearing, it felt like I was being hit with a ton of bricks. He was gone. I knew life would never be the same without him. So I tried to join him. Attaching the wire to my arrow, I shot at the force field. I fell sharply, shaking and convulsing. That was all I remembered. 

I woke up, fear gripping me. A young face was peering down at me, blurring and shuddering. I blinked and tried to sit up. Nausea swept over me, so I stayed where I was. Lying, on the cold metal floor. He smiled.


I nodded and peered curiously at him. He had soft brown hair, that fell in a large curl across his head. He wore brown, tweed, suit trousers and a blue shirt. A red fez was perched jauntily on his head.


"Welcome, to the TARDIS."

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