Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


8. Worries

Harry's POV


''Ssshh baby it's okay'' I whispered as Sameerah cried into my shoulder. ''It's over now babe'' She looked up at me, her eyes red of crying. ''I was so scared'' She whispered back. I could still see the fear in her eyes. ''I'm here babe'' I tried to calm her down ''Nothing can happen to you?" She burried her head in my shoulder again. I felt my shirt getting wet of her tears, but I didn't matter. I hated to see Sameerah like this. When she was sad, I would do anything to make her happy again. Seeing her cry made my heart snap in two.

I looked down at my hands and saw some bruises on them. Nothing big though. I was glad nothing bad happened to me or Sameerah.

Sameerah suddenly looked up again ''I need to go see Scarlet and Niall''

''But bab-'' Before I could protest, she had allready taken my hand and pulled me with her.

We were almost at the entrance of the club when we saw Zayn and Perrie run towards us. ''Oh my god are you guys okay?" Perrie asked. You could hear the worry in her voice and it seemed like she had been crying.

''We've been better'' I gave her a small smile. Sameerah squeezed my hand, I guess because she wanted to see Scarlet that badly. I couldn't blame her being unpatient really. I mean, She and Scarlet were like best friends and she had seen the knife against Scarlet's throat. She just wanted to know how her best friend, more like her sister, was doing. Also Niall was like a brother to her. They always talked about the most weirdest things and laughed about things nobody understood. She just wanted to know how her two best friends were doing. She wasn't the only one though.

Sameerah suddenly looked up at Zayn and Perrie ''Do you know how Scarlet and Niall are doing?''

Perrie looked at Zayn but he shrugged his shoulders ''I've no idea, sorry Sammy''

She sighed and looked up at me. ''We're gonna look for them'' I turned to Zayn and Perrie. ''She's a bit worried you see'' I whispered over to them.

''Hmm I see''Zayn grinned back, putting a hand on my shoulder. ''We'll see you later mate, go help your girlfriend''

I nodded at him ''Will do, thanks mate''

I pulled Sameerah with me outside, seeing 2 ambulances parked there. Niall walked out of one of them. I tightened my grip on Sameerah's hand as we ran towards him together. ''Niall!'' I stopped infront of him ''Are you okay?''

He nodded slowly at me. He had a black eye and some scratches, he looked pretty beaten up.

Sameerah only stared at them, but pulled him immediately into a tight hug, which made him whine in pain. Sameerah pulled away quickly again. ''I'm sorry'' She whispered. Niall grinned at her ''It's okay, they're just some bruises'' I laughed at how he acted. He really didn't want to show his pain.

''I'm glad you guys are okay though'' He bit his lip nervously. I knew he always did that when something was wrong.

I put my hand on his shoulder ''Niall?'' I began unsure.

He looked up at me, waiting for me to continue. ''Is there something wrong?''

He sighed. Sameerah looked at him curiously. ''I'm just worried about Scarlet''

He turned around towards the second ambulance and sighed before turning back again.

''Go to her Niall, we won't stop you'' Sameerah whispered

Niall gave her a small smile ''Thank you guys'' He whispered before turning around. He stopped after a step though and turned around towards us again.

''Well aren't  you guys coming wih me?'' He grinned. I laughed at him as I walked over to him, pulling Sameerah with me again.

All 3 of us walked into the ambulance, seeing Scarlet sitting there on a chair with her head in her hands. I could see a tear fall down on her dress. Niall ran towards her and knelt down infront of her. ''I'm here princess'' He whispered as he put his hand on her leg. Me and Sameerah walked over to her too. ''Hii Letty'' Sameerah said. Scarlet didn't move or say anything at all. She only sat there with her head in her hands while letting the tears stream down her face.

''Excuse me?'' I turned around to see a doctor standing infront of us. ''Are you family or friends of this young lady?''

I nodded at him ''We're friends and he-'' I pointed at Niall ''is her boyfriend''

''Ahh I see'' He looked down at some papers he had in his hands. He looked up at us again. He looked quite strict because he had these small, round glasses on the tip of his nose. He reminded me of my old school teacher mrs. Harrison. I grinned and looked down at my feet, trying to hide my smile. When I stopped grinning I looked up at the doctor again.

''So is she going to be okay?'' Niall turned around worried.

The doctor sighed as he looked up from the papers in his hands ''She will be fine in a few days. She's just in shock now because of everything that happened. Give that a few days. She also got pretty injured at her arm, but that should be fine in a couple of weeks. The only thing she'll keep is a scar on her arm, but other than that, she'd be fine.''

Sameerah nodded at him. ''Can she come with us now?''

The doctor nodded, which made his glasses fall down on the ground. He sighed and bent down to pick up the glasses. I tried to control my laughter by putting my hand infront of my mounth. He came up again and gave me a weird look. I got serious as soon as I saw him looking at me.

''Sure, just make sure that she won't do anything with a lot of movement. She's pretty dizzy because of the blood lost and we don't want her to pass out, don't we?''

We all nodded in agreement, like we were scared to say anything else. He really reminded me of mrs. Harrison.

Niall picked up Scarlet from one side, and I grabbed her by the other to support her. She still hadn't talked yet, so it was obvious that she was still in a shock. ''It's okay babe'' Niall whispered to her. '''Let's go get some rest''

We took her towards the car, seeing everyone else standing there. ''What happened?'' Louis asked. I looked up at him ''Let's just go back to the house okay?'' He nodded at me, not asking anymore questions.

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