Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


4. We'll sort this all out.

Eleanor's POV

''El can I talk to you for a second?'' I nodded and stood up, following Sameerah into a spare room. The only one in the room was Scarlet sitting on a bed, she looked nervous. ''So why you needed to talk to me?'' I let myself fall down on the bed, next to Scarlet. She and Sameerah looked at eachother, wondering who would take the oppertunity to ask me.

''Uhm'' Sameerah began unsure as she walked towards the bed. She sat down beside me ''We noticed you haven't been your usual self, is there something you're not telling us?'' I tried to fake a smile towards them ''Did Louis sent you to me?'' Sameerah and Scarlet turned towards eachother. It seemed like they weren't sure what to answer. ''Don't worry I won't get mad at him'' I quickly said. Scarlet slowly nodded ''El we know something's wrong, why won't you tell us?'' I sighed because I didn't want to gave them the feeling that I don't trust them. ''It's just...'' I began. I couldn't find the right words to say. How could I tell them this?

''It's just what El?'' I started looking down at my hands, letting my fingers slid over the ring I once got from Louis. Tears filled my eyes just thinking about him. ''El?'' Scarlet whispered. I looked up at her. I let go of the ring around my finger and let my hands move towards my belly. Scarlet and Sameerah frowned at me.

''I'm pregnant'' A tear streamed down my face. Scarlet started smiling immediately, but Sameerah's face was full of shock. Scarlet's smile dissapeared too as soon as she saw me crying. ''Aren't you happy about that?'' I looked up at her.

''Can't say I am''

''But why not?''

I turned around to face Sameerah ''Do you realize that the father of my child is in the most famous boyband on the earth and that this baby inside of me'' I pointed at my belly ''Could ruin his career and the one of the boys?'' As soon as I said that, I felt regret. How could I talk about a child like that? And it's not even a normal child, it's MY child.

I saw a tear streaming down Sameerah's face. ''Do you really think like that El?''

I shrugged my shoulders ''I know how he is, he'll probably stop with One Direction to take care for his child'' Another tear streamed down my face ''I don't want to be the one who ruins everything''

Sameerah pulled me in for a hug ''You're not ruining anything, this just makes life even better for you and Louis'' Sameerah turned around towards Scarlet ''And for us ofcourse''

''But how about One Direction?''

''We'll find a way to figure that out. There's a solution somewhere where he can go work with the boys and stay home to take care for you and this little baby'' Scarlet put a hand on my belly.

''It'll be fine. We'll sort this all out.'' The girls pulled me into a group hug.

''And just so you know, we'll always be there too when you need someone. So if Louis is working, we can go help'' Sameerah said after we pulled away from our hug.

I smiled at them, quickly wiping my tears away ''I love you girls''

They both smiled back at me ''We love you too El, now go tell your boyfriend that he's going the be a father''

I grinned at them ''Will do''

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