Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


5. Mr. Charming

Sameerah's POV


We came back into a leavingroom full of noise. Liam and Harry were in a 'What's better to throw in someone's face? Flower or eggs?' discussion. How random. Louis and Sophia seemed to be in a deep conversation. Zayn and Perrie were staring at eachother, and next to them sat Niall stuffing his mounth full with pizza. Typical him.

''Hey babe'' I let myself fall down next to Harry. He turned away from his discussion with Niall.

''Mmm hey beautiful'' He put a stroke of hair behind my ear.

''Where did you go?''

I grinned at him ''Missed me hmm?''

He leaned in towards me ''You don't even know how much you tortured me by leaving me alone'' I felt his warm breath in my neck.

We heard a cough from behind us, seeing Liam staring at us. ''Go find attention at your own girlfriend'' Harry chuckled. ''Sure thing'' Liam stood up and let himself fall down next to Sophia.

Harry turned around again ''So where were we?"

I moved my hands towards his hair, letting my hands slide threw his curls. ''This is all you get now'' I kissed him quickly, then pulled away again. He looked at me with a puppy face, begging me for more. ''Don't do this to me now'' He groaned. I grinned at him, playfully hitting his shoulder. ''You're crazy''

''Crazy on you''

I laughed ''Not only crazy, but also cheesy''

He started laughing ''We both know that you love that''

I stared into his sparkling, green eyes ''Maybe I do Mr. Charming''

Our conversation got interrupted by Louis screaming ''How about going to a club tonight!?"

I was really wondering if he was mature enough to become a father.

''What?'' I heard Harry ask to me.

Shit. Did I really said that out loud? I nervously started playing with the ring around my finger.

''Nothing'' I tried to sound as innocent as possible.

I was hoping he didn't notice anything.

''Notice what?''

Shit, again. I avoided watching him into his eyes.

''Nothing I'll tell you later'' I mumbled. It was quiet but I knew he heard it.

''I don't want to force you'' He whispered ''You know that right?''

I nodded at him ''Maybe it's better if everyone hears it later, I'm also not the person who should tell you''

I saw him thinking, did he know what I was talking about?

He turned his head, giving Eleanor a glare.

He turned around again, ''She isn't pregnant right?"

Not knowing what to say, I looked around the room to look for Eleanor. I was panicking and I didn't know if I could tell him this.

Eleanor was staring at me, knowing what was happening.

She nodded at me, like she gave permission to tell Harry she actually was pregnant.


I nodded and sighed as I turned around to face Harry again.

''Yes she is''


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