Drawn to you (A Harry and Niall fanfiction)

A nightmare is waiting for the best friends Scarlet and Sameerah when they decide to go on a vacation to California with their boyfriends Harry Styles and Niall Horan, along with the other boys from the famous boyband and their girlfriends Sophia, Perrie and Eleanor. Good memories will be made, but also scars that they will never forget. And it all started with that one night...


3. Eleanor

Sameerah's POV

''Finally'' I sighed as I strumbled with my suitcase towards the beach house. ''Let me carry that for you babe'' Harry's hand touched mine. I looked up into his sparkling green eyes. ''No it's okay, you're allready carrying three bags, I think I can handle my own one'' I grinned when he accidentaly dropped my small bag with make up. He tried to pick it up, but dropped another bag while trying. I laughed as I bent down, picking up the bag. Harry held out his hand, ready to take the bag over from me. ''Maybe it's better if I carry this one too'' I winked. I turned around laughing, hearing Harry mumbling something about the 'stupid make up bag'


''Sophia!'' I heard Scarlet shriek as I walked up the small hile, following the path towards the house. I saw Sophia and Scarlet hugging eachother in the corner of my eye. I fastened my walk so I was almost running. Scarlet saw me coming and grinned. ''Well'' She started ''Look who finally came, did you stop for a romantic kiss with Harry, Sammy?'' I laughed as I walked over to her ''Oh shut up you'' I pushed her playfully before I turned around to give Sophia a hug.


''I'm sure there are green rabbits somewhere Louis'' I heard Liam sigh. I chuckled when I walked into the livingroom. ''Nice talking toppic guys'' Liam turned around when he heard my voice. He stood up from the couch, walking towards me. ''Typically Louis'' He laughed as he pulled me into a warm hug. ''I HEARD THAT!'' Louis walked over to us.

''Take it as a compliment'' Liam winked at me, making his way over to Scarlet.

''Hey Louis'' I whispered as I gave him a hug.

''Hey love, how are you?'' He pulled away from the hug.

''Excited! How about you?''

He shrugged his shoulder ''Could be better''

I looked at him curiously, noticing he looked quite pale ''Why's that?''

''El's been acting quite strange lately, she says there's nothing though but I guess there is, she's just so quiet lately''

I looked over at Eleanor, she was sitting alone in the corner of the room. Was she always that pale? This was nothing like her. I turned over to Louis again ''Do you want me to talk to her?''

''Yes please'' He looked over to her again, concern all over his face. ''Can you talk to her together with Scarlet? You two are practically her best friends''

I nodded at him ''Sure''


Niall's POV


''So this is our room'' I put the bags in the corner of a big, white room. If had a balcony, from where you could see the view of the sea from. The room also had a big white bed standing in the middle of the room, with candles on the nighstands on each side of the bed. Scarlet gasped when she followed me into the room. ''Is this seriously for us alone?'' She sat down at the end of the bed. I grinned at her ''Anything for you princess'' I kissed her passionately. A cough from someone standing in the door opening broke us apart. I turned around, seeing Perrie standing there. ''Sorry for interrupting'' She was trying not to break out in laughter. ''But Louis ordered pizza so I don't know if you two want some?'' I looked over at Scarlet. She nodded at Perrie ''Okay! We'll be there in 5 minutes'' Perrie nodded at her, leaving the room again. ''So where were we?'' She smiled. I grinned at her ''I guess here'' I whispered as I crashed my lips into hers again.


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