Intervieuw (One Shot) Larry Stylinson

It's just a simple One Shot, but it's more like a sexting one shot.. Sorry not sorry :p have fun while reading it! Hope you like it though, and let me know!!
Much love Yasmine xx


1. One Shot!...


Today was a big interview with the boys talking about their movie This Is Us.. And like usual Harry and Louis couldn’t sit next to each other, but only Modest! Handed seen that everybody knew they were in love.

The seats today were like this


Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and then the interviewer..

The intervieuw wasn’t start yet and the guys were just fooling around abit. But Louis and Harry were busy studying each other…

Louis gets up and walks by Liam and start to chat alittle..

After a while Louis was gone, not with Harry and not with Liam anymore..

Harry’s phone buzzed, and he took it out of his pants..


He smiled when he saw the one who sent a text

To MY Hazza : Hey beautiful X

A laugh out loud escaped from Harry’s mount..

And he quickly send one back

What nobody knew was that Louis was in the bathroom all the time, since he ‘was gone’.

He knew Harry was wondering where he was so he thought of a very funny game..

To BooBear X: Where are you big butt?

This plan could work

He smiled like the bad man in  tv series..  

Niall and Liam were wrestling and Zayn stood there texting someone.. Probably Perrie..

To MY Hazza: Big Butt? Big Butt?! Smile you have a butt like this one to put you almost hard cock in,btw I’m not telling you were I am. But I know you can’t come and find me ;)

Louis just laughed his ass off in that toilet room

Harry knew exactly what Louis was trying to do, and Harry was afraid it would might work..

To BooBear X: Louis baby, I know what you are trying to do here. Yup, and you know that always works on me so please don’t make it harder for me?

Yeah, this is working so bad!

To MY Hazza: OUH! Harry, I’m so fucking HORNY you know. If I would see u now, nothing would be save again! And I know you can’t come and find me because… You! Mister! Are growing soooo damn hard because you are thinking of me naked, haha I know you so well Styles..

Fucking Tomlinson, I don’t even know where you are and you are making me so damn hard!

To Boobear X: Yes you are doing that exactly! And I don’t know if you know but in a 15 minutes WE have an interview and I’m sitting here with my hard member, when we are home you are not gonna be well!

I’m slowly started on getting back and just how Harry looks, his eyes are going to be so damn mad. But that maked the sex after the interview much better!!

To MY Hazza: Calm down tiger! I’m on my way! I was just in the toilets you know, but I bet you wanna be there right now, too handle your ‘little problem’. Don’t you worry babe, after the interview I will handle it for you!

I don’t get why I am inlove with that boy! Well yeah, his ocean blue eyes, his bum! , those perfect lips, his body. Omfg Harry what are you doing to yourself! You make you almost come in your damn pants and this interview isn’t started yet!

Harry just wait, after this all Louis will take care of you! He promised! NO! PROMISED OR NOT! HE’S GONNA DO IT!

Just on that moment I hear Louis singing voice he’s almost here, and there he is just on that corner.. With that filthy smile on his adorable face.. I look the other way cuz I know looking at him more doesn’t change much, it’s only getting worse then!

‘Boys! 5 more minutes than we start!’ the man behind the camera yells..

I see Niall is getting ready and Liam is going to the toilet, Zayn still texting but moving and Louis, my damn sex god! With the smirk on his face!

He’s getting closer to me and he whispers in my ear

‘Hey Love, everything fine down low’

While touching my crotch

I whimper, he knows … he damn knows

That interview was like an age!

I’m glad we can go home now!

In the car Louis is staring at his phone again, I bet he’s up to something…

Yup! I was right, on that moment my phone buzzed

From Boobear X: ‘Almost home darling! Can’t wait! (;’

Louis please not again!!!

To Boobear X: ‘LOU! How much in the world that I love you ( and that is much) STOP TEASING MEEE! I hate when you do that! And get out the damn car already!

Just on the moment the text has sent they were home.

 They said goodbye do the boys and got out the car!

When the door was finely closed Harry yelled

‘Damn Tomlinson! I hate but I love you now come over here’

Louis was just smiling but already in the bedroom...







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