Valerie Scott and Harry Styles are forced by the Modest! Management to live together and pretend that they're in a relationship. But there's one big problem. Valerie and Harry are like oil and water; frilly dress and sweatpants; cat and mouse; Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez; Rhianna and Amanda Bynes; Drake Bell and Justin Bieber; The Wanted and their songs.

Bottom line, they don't click together.

They can't stand each other for seconds. How much more when they have to live together for years? But what if love and acceptance take over, will they last forever?

Only one way to find out...

(WARNING: Contains scenes not suitable for individuals 13 years and below. So please, don't read if you're from that age range. I don't want to be responsible for brain-poisoning. LOL)


2. The Show Starts in 5, 4, 3, 2, Action!

I wake up at 9:00 AM exactly blanked out of what happened last night. But I do realize that I am in Harry's bedroom. I now live in his flat. I grab a towel to get ready and take a bath. I could use a steamed hot shower right now. Good thing, Mr. XXX has finally sent in my stuff or else I'd have to borrow another set of clothes from Harry today. I'd just probably look hideous if I do.


Harry! Oh no, he didn't just tried to kiss me last night, did he? Yes, he did, Val. Ugh! I'm so annoyed by the thought. If I see him face to face today, I wouldn't know what to do or even say to him.


I head out of the shower soon as I was through. Still wrapped with my towel, I came to search through my suitcase what I am going to wear for today. There, I found a loose Bon Jovi shirt that my brother once owned and knee-long leggings. I put them on top of the bed as I peel off my towel and reach for my underwear.


"Bloody hell!" Harry shouts, shamefully turns his back from me and covers his eyes with his hand, while I immediately sat myself on the floor, hiding behind the bed.


"F*ck you, Harry! Why didn't you knock?!" I exclaim, infuriated.


"I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's my room, remember?" Harry explains, still looking away.


"Well f*ck you! You're so stupid. I'm living here with you already, remember?" I yell, still concealing myself behind the bed. "GET THE F*CK OUT NOW!" I commanded him.


"Okay, I'm leaving now." He exited, while grasping his way out, still covering both his eyes.


Ugh! Idiot! I said to myself. Dayum! That guy sure is really annoying. Last night, he tried to kiss me, and he just recently almost saw me stripped. Or did he? What's he going to do next? Could this job get any worse?




After getting dressed, I descend all the way to the kitchen to grab myself some breakfast. There, I found Harry, standing against the sink, sipping a cup of tea. He chokes himself and coughs, put his tea down as I approach near the fridge, opposite the sink. I look at him dreadfully while he's trying to avoid my look. I open the fridge silently and found a loaf of bread and a Nutella. Still looking a bit monstrous, getting ready to attack its nemesis.


I didn't say a word. I put the food on the table and devour it, still not looking at him. I am trying to kill him with his guilt with the silent treatment.


The kitchen was silent until, "Blaagh!" I choke; punching my own chest incessantly to puke out the bollusk stuck on my throat. Harry panicked and went behind my back immediately, pulled my stomach against him using the force of both his arms.

"Let it out! Let it out!" He yells as he continues pressing my stomach against his body.

"Ugh! Ugh!" I can feel the mass of food at the top of my throat. I am bending over, my chest leaning on the table. Harry continued to press my stomach.

 "C'mon, Valerie! C'mon!" He yells aggressively. It went on for seconds, as I still struggle to breathe.


"Hey! What's happening here?" A blonde guy asks with a high toned voice, surprised by what he witnessed. He is standing by the door frame, staring at us quizzically.


"Niall?" Harry's jaw dropped. He then let go of me and immediately leans on the wall, shrugging off.


I exit the kitchen to go to the washroom just along the hallway, covering my mouth to control myself from puking. I push Niall's broad shoulder as he blocks half the entrance of the kitchen and I run bending my body forward.


At the washroom, I vomit all I ate for breakfast. A sigh of relief covers my face as I lean against the tiled wall, sweating and gasping for air with my hand rubbing my tummy. OMG that was just embarrassing! Sometimes, I really have to control my appetite. Or maybe my anger?


I go back to the kitchen, wiping my forehead. Niall is still there, talking to Harry.


He stands up and walks towards me, "Oh my God, I'm really sorry about what happened. I shouldn't have intruded your alone time together, but I was really hungry. Louis forgot to go to the grocery so I figured to ..."


"Save it, Niall. It's okay. I should be the one who's apologizing right now, what you saw it's just ..." I try to clarify to him what just happened but Harry interrupted me.


"My Baby right here, she choked because she loved the Nutella. She just couldn't help herself." He says to Niall, while his arm was resting on my shoulders. "I'm sorry, babe." He leans his head against mine while he's holding a cup of tea with his other hand.


I sigh in confusion. Doesn't Niall know that I was hired to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend? Well, I mean he should know since they're best mates, right? But either way, I just went with it.


"Yeah!" I smirk. "Sorry about that."


"I don't think I formally introduced you to the love of my life, Niall. Erm, this is Valerie Ssss..." He says casually and I cut him off before he could mess up my last name.


"Uhm, Valerie Scott. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. Pleased to meet you, Niall."


Niall extends his hands to shake with mine but I refuse and conceal my hand behind my back. Maybe he forgot that I just puked. He then withdraws his hand.


"So, how did you two met?" My ears tingle as I heard Niall asked. Bloody hell, Harry and I never talked about the details of our pretend- how we met, how we fell in love, how it all happened. Shoot!


"Uhm, we just kinda bumped into each other when I went to Cheshire last summer. She was at a Coffee shop, ordering Mocha Frap. Then we talked about our interests and everything. Fate crossed our paths together again when I bumped into her at one of the busy streets in London. It all kind of relived the mutual feelings we had for each other last summer. Funny though, we really are the exact opposite of each other but she still found her way to me." Harry looks at me sincerely, almost making it believable in front of Niall. Dayum! This guy could bag the Academy Awards for Best Actor.


"Awww! That's really sweet, baby." I pinch him lightly on the cheek and snuggl in his shoulder.


It all seemed very convincing as Niall, just sighed and stares blankly at both of us, leaving his food on the table untouched. I'm glad Harry's making my job pretty easier this time. One down, three lads and billions of hormonal teenagers more to go.




OMG! I'm laughing so hard while writing this whole chapter.

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