Valerie Scott and Harry Styles are forced by the Modest! Management to live together and pretend that they're in a relationship. But there's one big problem. Valerie and Harry are like oil and water; frilly dress and sweatpants; cat and mouse; Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez; Rhianna and Amanda Bynes; Drake Bell and Justin Bieber; The Wanted and their songs.

Bottom line, they don't click together.

They can't stand each other for seconds. How much more when they have to live together for years? But what if love and acceptance take over, will they last forever?

Only one way to find out...

(WARNING: Contains scenes not suitable for individuals 13 years and below. So please, don't read if you're from that age range. I don't want to be responsible for brain-poisoning. LOL)


1. Expect the Worst

Chapter 1: Expect the Worst


SO I am there, seated awkwardly inside the office of the Modest! Management while waiting for the arrival of my supposedly fake boyfriend, Mr Harry Styles. I am hired to pretend to be his girlfriend for a renewable two-year contract. I was just an aspiring model when one scout found me along the street, waiting for a ride home. I didn't really like to have this odd job but I was thinking about the bills that I have to pay since I moved out from Glasgow, my home city. Not considering the possibility of the hate I might just receive from his crazy fans, I accepted it anyway.

"There you are!" Mr. XXX, as I prefer him calling, says as Harry walks into the room.

With his head looking down, apparently not in the right mood to talk to anyone, he answers with his tired-sounding voice, "Good Afternoon Mr. Shaw (Mr.XXX). Could we just get it over and done with? I don't have all day." He sits on a chair in front of me; looking at me with those dreadful eyes, observing me from head to toe. I stare at him awkwardly and look away as I sense that he's going to look at my face again. Damn! This job is going to be tough.

"Mr. Styles, this is Miss Valerie Scott, she's from Glasgow. Miss Scott, this is Harry Styles." Mr. XXX introduces us to each other. I and Harry are still feeling awkward with each other, but I manage to pull my hands to shake with his but he does not respond and turns his face to Mr Shaw instead as he speaks. Well, this is really humiliating! I never thought he could be this hard to handle. What a jerk! No wonder she (unknown Harry's Ex) broke up with him.

"Okay, Miss Scott, you already know the drill, don't you?" Mr XXX asks me with both of his eyebrows raised at me.

"Yes, Mr. Shaw." I answer confidently. "Pretend as a happy couple. Don't get caught by anyone that we're faking it and..."

"Okay, I think we're done here. I need time to rest" Harry interrupts before I could even finish my sentence. (What a *%#@ ) He stood up and head towards the door. He leans back and asks sternly "Well?"

It was quite confusing who he was referring to so I turn my face to Mr XXX with a curious face that read: "who is he talking to?"

"Well, Miss Scott, aren't you coming?" Harry cocks his brows rather annoyed at my slow pick-up while he was holding the door open.

I bolt out of my chair awkwardly and bid my farewell to Mr XXX, "Goodbye, sir! I'll go ahead."

"Okay Miss Scott. We'll send all your stuff first thing tomorrow morning." He answers with a grin.

Harry goes out of the room so fast as I am walking behind, trying to keep up with him. Not a word said, he opens the door of his car for me before he gets in the driver's seat.

The whole drive to his flat was filled with silence, except with the song that's playing on the radio. Science and Faith by The Script. I love this song a lot but singing along with it as of the moment might be a wrong idea. I don't want to annoy Harry. It’s already awkward for my liking.

His eyes were fixed on the road. It's really obvious that he's not pleased with this whole pretend, but neither do I. If only I have another job option, then I wouldn't be in this situation anyway. I signed the contract and there's no turning back now, unless I want to spend years in jail. Not a fond idea.

He pulls up to a gorgeous-looking flat, surely his. He again opens the door for me, being the gentleman that he plays he is, but still doing it forcedly, I guess. "This is where I live, Miss Scott." He spreads his arms out wide and adds sarcastically with his frugal smile, "Welcome to my humble abode."

I take first my time to look around and admire its surroundings. It's a pretty neat neighbourhood and not a crowded place. It is peaceful, suited for the life of a celebrity which he probably deserves with his kind of work.

"My other bandmates are my neighbours so you can also see them once in a while. They also come over in our days off so ..."

I am just there listening to him, my jaw glued together, and rubbing hastily both of my arms due to the low temperature. My shoulders shrug as I shiver a little.


"Erm, okay Miss Scott, I think we should go in now. It's kind of freezing outside." He offers. Must I say that he's thoughtful despite what he shown to me lately? Well, he was pretty arrogant and I felt kind of upset about that. It was not what I hear on the news. But now, he's gradually making it up to me.

He toured me around the house, getting me familiar of all the rooms; the living room, kitchen, bathroom. Basically, all the stuff in his flat he taught me how to use and manipulate in spite of his unwillingness to this whole drama. Then we reach the bedroom that we're going to share with each other. Yep, that's part of my job description. I was well aware of that.

"Wow, this place is cosy." I tell Harry teasingly, just to make a conversation and ease the awkwardness.

"Erm" He clears his throat, avoiding to look at me," Did you know we're going to share the same bedroom?" He asks me quizzically, he creases his forehead and his lips press in a firm line.

"Uhm, yeah. I know." I reply rather awkwardly. "May I use the washroom?" I add to avoid the subject.

"Yeah, it's this way." He points me to the left corner of the room, but the he felt the need to actually open the door of the bathroom for me, leading the way. "Erm, Miss Scott. I understand that you haven't got your stuffs yet. I have few clothes I can lend you if you want." He offers politely.

What? He's totally being kind right now. I swallow all the words I just said earlier. How could he?

"Uhm, yes. May I?" I shrug, completely uncertain but delighted with idea. I can’t really sleep in jeans, I am just not comfortable and gets itchy. I won’t end up having a nice sleep.

He searches through his walk-in closet and then hand over a thin grey shirt and sweatpants. "Perhaps, this will fit you. I just kind of grew out of it and I haven't worn them for the longest time," He says as he's scratching his nose, suppressing his self from smiling.

I thanked him and then entered the washroom shortly.


I am already on the bed while Harry is still in the washroom. With my back turning from the door of the washroom, I feel him walking out from there with the sound of his footsteps. I don't really know what to do. Not making any sound, I feel a movement on the bed, telling me that he's already making his way to lie down. I could hear the sound of my chest beating faster and slower at the same time. I have the slightest idea how to deal with this situation right now.

Click! What the? He switches both lamp off, the one on his side and mine. It's connected to each other so that means, either switch could turn on and off both lamps. I can't sleep without lights on! I just can't!

Click! I switch it open.

Click! He turns it off.

Click! I turn it on again.

It goes on several times until it pisses both of us. We jump out of bed at the same time and yell at each other. What a way to start the first day of dating—figuratively.

"THAT'S IT!" He yells, he throws his comforter on the bed. "I CAN'T STAND THIS FOR TWO YEARS!"

"WELL NEITHER DO I!" I yell back. "I QUIT!"


I laugh at him, looking for the satisfaction to actually antagonize him, "DON'T YOU THINK YOU'RE EXAGGERATING?" I laugh impishly. "Tell me, is there any reason why they should actually do this to you? And by the looks of it, you can't stand me. Why?" I challenge him, both my hands in my waist and raise my head firm and proudly.

He crawls over the bed, stands up against me, grabs me by the arm and pulls me by the arm, looking straight through my eyes. "I . Am. Not. Gay." He utters, putting emphasis on each word.

I swat both his hands and smirk, provoking him more. "Oh, really? Prove it!"

He makes himself closer to me by an inch, closing the distance between us. His breathe ricochets to the surface of my cheek. What's he going to do now? He looks down at my lips, tilts his head, grabs my neck and pulls my face against his as he is about to attack me with a kiss.

"Wait!" I push his chest, "What are you doing?" Annoyed and frustrated, I scowl at him.

He brushes off. "You know what? Fine. I'll just sleep in the sofa at the living room. Good Night!"

He leaves the bedroom as soon as he picks up his pillow and his blanket. Now, I'm left alone in his bedroom; still bothered by his attempt of kissing me. God! I hate him. I lay on the bed and left the light on, try to tuck myself to sleep.




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