Valerie Scott and Harry Styles are forced by the Modest! Management to live together and pretend that they're in a relationship. But there's one big problem. Valerie and Harry are like oil and water; frilly dress and sweatpants; cat and mouse; Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez; Rhianna and Amanda Bynes; Drake Bell and Justin Bieber; The Wanted and their songs.

Bottom line, they don't click together.

They can't stand each other for seconds. How much more when they have to live together for years? But what if love and acceptance take over, will they last forever?

Only one way to find out...

(WARNING: Contains scenes not suitable for individuals 13 years and below. So please, don't read if you're from that age range. I don't want to be responsible for brain-poisoning. LOL)


3. Break a Leg!

As Harry and I are still snuggling with each other, Niall snaps out from his thought. "Oh, I have to go now." He stands up from his seat and makes his way out of the kitchen. "Oops! Almost forgot.” He says after quickly turning back around to us, “May I just remind you about the party later, Haz. Bring Valerie, okay?"

"Of course, mate. See you!" Harry answers, smirking at Niall.

Soon as we make sure that Niall has already gone out, Harry and I repel from each other instantly.

I look down on the table and clean up the mess I made before choking myself earlier. "Erm" I clear my throat. "What party is Niall talking about?" I ask him shyly.

"Send-off Party for Perrie. Little Mix is touring America, so Zayn planned one before his girlfriend leaves." He answers.

"Wow! I didn't know Zayn could be that thoughtful." I sigh and walk into the sink while holding the plate. I continue talking while washing the dishes, turning my back on him, and trying to start a conversation with Harry to forget the embarrassment I just made myself earlier. "They've been together for so long already, right? I'm really happy for them though. I wish they end up together.  They just look so perfect to each other. Well, from what I've heard in the news, he had one tattoo for Perrie. Aww! That's really sweet."

I kept on talking without hearing any reply from Harry. Expecting he's just behind me, listening to every word I say. "Anyways Harry, what  ..." I turn around to face him. "... am I going to wear for the party?" My voice fades into thin air as I find out that I was talking to myself all along. He left the kitchen without saying a word. Unbelievable! I thought to myself. Could he be ruder to me? This guy is really annoying.

I head out of the kitchen after finishing the dishes. I find him sitting by the couch with both his feet on top of the table, intertwined with each other and leaning his back. He is holding the remote and constantly switching channels.

I waltz in front of him, blocking his view of the television with both hands on my waist.

Harry leans sideward, looking for his way to watch the show on the TV. He glares daggers at me and complains while waving his hands, "Hey! Could you please get out of my sight? I'm watching the TV."

"I refuse to. I'm sorry!" I say, still standing firm.

"What's your problem?!" He raises his voice at me, still sitting on the couch.

"We need to talk."

He groans and drops the remote on the couch. I walk to get it and turn off the TV and I sit on the couch opposite him.

"So, I think we should figure stuff out before we get to that party later." I suggest to him as I sit comfortably on the couch.

He raises his brows at me and asks, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, we need to work with each other. We almost got caught by Niall earlier. Good thing, you nailed one good fake story." I commend him for that. He was pretty smart. Not as stupid as I thought.

He smirks as a response, proud of himself. "So what do you suggest?" Just then I had realized that I subconsciously fed his ego. NO!

"I think we should really talk about it and put into remembrance every single detail on how we started dating." I continue.

"Great!" He cheers sarcastically.

I stand up from the couch and search through the cabinets and dividers hoping to find a pen and paper that I'm going to utilize for taking down notes. After that, I plop back on the couch and Harry and I start negotiating. That negotiation includes arguing about every single detail. We just don't agree on everything. We have opposite ideas on everything. Hence, I've got this feeling that it's not going to work out.


(A/N: I am not gonna go into details what they agreed about on how things has started on their pretend relationship. You'll know about it anyway later on. I am sorry. I am such a lazy biatch. HAHA)




I've taken notice a pack of people holding with them cameras near the club. As Harry pulls up at the driveway, the people start firing flashes at us. "Ugh! Annoying paparazzis!" He mutters. I silently laugh at his remark. Shouldn't he be getting used to it already? But I get it. They really are annoying.

"Are you ready?" I ask him nervously. It would be the first time that I'm going out in public with Harry Styles. That's the point of my job. So I have to do it.

"Yeah, you?" His brows narrow down.

I gulp and answer, "Yeah, born ready." Then I let out a deep breath.

"Okay, good." He then gets out of the car, runs to my side and opens the door for me. Paparazzis come closer to our vehicle as we both started to walk. Gosh! This sight is pretty overwhelming. We hold hands on our way to the door of the club.

 "Hey! Harry who's the girl?"

"Harry, another girl? You awesome, mate!"

"Harry! Who is she?!"

"C'mon, Harry! Introduce your new girlfriend!"

"Where are we spending the rest of the night, Harry?!"


Those questions from swarm of paparazzis make my ear tingle and it was very irritating to hear. No wonder why Harry hates them. Can they just get a proper job? But hey! That's the main point of my job; to be publicised as Harry Styles' girlfriend.

A big guy in a black shirt guides us on our way to the private party room where the rest of the boys are waiting for us. Harry is still holding my hand in the process. The club is crowded, dim and disco lights are all over the place.

"Hey Harry!" A group of girls greet him flirtatiously while dancing to the song blasting inside the place. Harry answers them with a nod and smiles. I feel a dreadful gaze from one of the girls who catches us holding hands as we struggle to pass through many people at the dance floor. A bit of jealousy, I guess. What can I say? I'm with Harry Styles.

"Harry!" A black haired, good-looking guy, whose arms are covered with tattoos appears right in front of us as we take the last step upstairs, exclaims like a little child. It is Zayn. He hugs Harry in excitement. I am just standing right there behind them, waiting to be noticed.

Zayn pulls out from the hug and trails his look at me. "Hey! You must be Valerie. Harry's new girlfriend. Nice to meet you. My name's Zayn." He grabs my arms and kisses me on my cheek.

"Yeah, pleasure is mine, Zayn." I answer with a cheeky smile. I catch Harry looking at us anxiously.

"So, mate. Has the party started yet?" Harry questions Zayn. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me in closer to his side.

"Nope, Haz. We're just waiting for you. C'mon, let's get inside." Zayn persuades.

Zayn opens the door and there is another narrow hallway. As we walk another little distance, a glass door appears to us. "Okay, we're here." Zayn informs enthusiastically.

We enter the room, and there stand and approach us the three other lads; Liam, Niall and Louis. Harry is still holding me and Zayn is standing behind us.

"Hey there love! You must be Valerie." Liam speaks up to me smiling and hugs me in split seconds. My cheek turned into a bloody red after he pulls out from the hug, I was starstrucked. Liam is a beautiful guy. I had a huge crush on him ever since. I heard he was bullied before, turned down 22 times by a girl and cheated on. What made me more amused by him is that even he's already famous, he hasn't changed a bit, I guess. He's still grounded. Yep, I can judge by what I watch on TV, and I did a lot of research on him in the internet, to be honest.

I snap out of my train of thoughts as I realize them all smiling at me. Wait! So they already know my name? How? Niall must've observed the confusion on my face. So he blurts out, "I'm sorry, Val. I told them that we already met this morning. They kept asking questions so I kind of..."

"No Niall. It's not a big deal." I cut him off and wave my hand evasively.

"Valerie Scott, what a beautiful sight." Louis pulls his right hand out from his pocket; takes mine and brush it with a kiss. I don't even know why but I felt a little awkward when he did that. I giggle to his gesture though. Another girl with a chocolate brown hair stands up from the couch and runs her hands on Louis' broad shoulders from behind and hangs on his back.

"Hey Valerie! I'm Eleanor. Nice to meet you." She introduces herself politely. Her sweet smile is a little contagious that I automatically form one on my own face. I think she’s nice and we could instantly be friends.

"Nice to meet you too, El." And I even immediately give her a nickname.

"Seriously, like Niall can't stop talking about you two." A blonde girl states through a laughing fit and comes in closer to Zayn. Zayn kisses her on the side of her forehead. She stretches her hands towards me. "I'm Perrie by the way, the celebrant of the party." My, she's really gorgeous in person. I’ve always admired her when I see her on the TV and magazines with her band mates, and she has a very powerful voice, if I may add. I’ve heard few of their songs before.

So we all then seated after the little acquaintance and get on the party. The boys gather in a circle and drink while Perrie, Eleanor and I chat the whole time, dance and had little champagne. Sure did making the most out of the time that Perrie is still with us.

I notice Harry drinking more glasses of liquor than he should since he's going to drive. "Excuse me, girls." I request to El and Perrie.  Worried, I approach and plop on the couch beside him, lean my body against his side romantically, my head moving closer to his face.

"Babe, don't you think you have to control your drink? You're driving." I whisper softly to him.

"Oh babe, yeah. Sorry, I forgot." Harry answer; still in character as my boyfriend though he's a little tipsy this time.


"Uhm, so Valerie." I turn to my side to see Louis swigging the glass of liquor. Louis continues, "What were you doing before you met Harry?" He asks me interestingly.

"Erm, well I am modelling, 'til the present." I answer him.

"Wow! So that's why." Liam butts in. He is sitting across me and Harry, holding a glass of drink as well. I feel my heart beat faster at the sound of his voice. Wait what?

Trying to contain myself, I ask him, curious of his reaction. "That's why what?"

"Well, you're almost as tall as Harry, sexy and very fair. No wonder Harry fell for you." He chuckles.

I giggle with his compliment subconsciously. This time, I can't control the smile pulling out on my face and blushed; I feel the heat on both my cheeks. Good thing, it's quite dark in the room so my cheeks weren't that obvious. Gosh! Liam.

"And you're from Scotland?" Zayn asks. "Why did you move here?"

Wow Niall really did tell them everything. I feel that I should really answer all their questions, for them to know me better and be more convinced about my relationship with Harry.

"Well, I was trying to be an independent woman. I assumed that there are a lot of modelling opportunities here in London so I came to seize the chance. Fortunately, I got signed in a modelling firm here." The ones they are asking from me are facts so I am not feeling guilty about it. The only lie here is me and Harry, lovers.

Zayn, Liam and Louis nod convinced. The next thing we know is that Niall was already fast asleep because of drunkenness, leaning his head on top of the inside back of the sofa, with his mouth wide open. We all laugh at the sight.

The night ended and we all head home. Liam, Louis and El exit at the back of the club to avoid paparazzis flashing on drunken Niall whom the two boys are carrying with their shoulders. Zayn, Perrie, Harry and I take the front door and ride in two separate cars. It was indeed a terrific but an exhausting night out. I am proven wrong, it all worked out. I wonder what's on the tabloids tomorrow.






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