She's not afraid (Harry Styles fanfiction)

I'm Elena, I just turned 17 years old and I finally get to live my dream. I'm moving to north London and I'm going to be enrolling in college there. It just so happens that the famous band One Direction live close by.
(Harry Styles fanfiction)


2. Regrets

He just stood there in some kind of shock, wow I must be terrifying when I'm angry and pissed. I waved my hand in front of his eyes, they were beautiful dark brown. How did I not notice them sooner, they were gorgeous. When he finally came back down to earth he just stormed off, what a shocker. I must have really scared him or offended him. I kinda regreted my dramatic overreaction. He was actually really hot, bloody hell I just realized I just yelled at a member of the most popular boy band in the world right now. The eye candy Harry Styles.

I got me self a taxi and grabbed my small suite case which contained all of my favourite outfits and stuff. I wasn't super excited about living in a dorm but it hopefully won't smell bad. That's probably my biggest concern.

I was finally at my dorm, I had to find the person who tells you which dorm room you get and it took forever but I was finally there. I walked inside and infront of my stood a gorgeous tall girl, she looked familiar. Where have I seen her before? I awkwardly set my luggage down and told her my name, wow she is upfront she hugged me super tightly almost crushing me and told me her name is Eleanor Calder. I spotted a photoframe behind her a picture of her and none other than Louis Tomlinson, I finally realized where I knew her from.


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