She's not afraid (Harry Styles fanfiction)

I'm Elena, I just turned 17 years old and I finally get to live my dream. I'm moving to north London and I'm going to be enrolling in college there. It just so happens that the famous band One Direction live close by.
(Harry Styles fanfiction)


1. Finally


Finally all my dreams are coming true. I'm moving to United Kingdom, north London. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of moving to another country. It's not that I don't like Iceland it's just I'm that kind of person who needs to travel and experience foreign things. It took me awhile to safe up money for the move but hopefully it's going to be worth it.

I'm saying good bye to my whole family it's not a big one but they mean the world to me. The hardest thing about leaving is probably saying good bye to my youngest brother. He's only two years old and I won't see him until next year, toddlers grow up so fast.

I hug my mom and kiss her on the cheek, I'm trying so hard not to cry but one tear slips and of course it becomes a one big waterfall. I've hugged everyone so I guess it's time to through the security, it's pretty scary I really hope the gate won't peep on me. Since I'm not the lucky one of course it happens, I forgot to take out my bellybutton ring. I went through the gate again and everything was fine this time.

I made my way to the next bookstore I could find, no way I was going on a 4 hour flight without my cosmopolitan my beauty saviour. Without it I wouldn't know how to curl my long brown hair or how to find the perfect lipstick to enhance the color of my dark brown eyes and tanned skin.

I found everything I need at the bookstore just in time I heard the speaker calling for my flight. I can't believe everything I've ever wanted is only 4 hours away.

I slept the whole flight I guess my tear waterfall must have made me more tierd than I thought it had. I don't know anyone in London all I have with me is to find my new school where my dorm waits me is my phone with a navigation system, too bad that me and technology aren't really good mates. I finally found a taxi when some guy with brown curly hair almost stole it from me, no way I'm letting some jerk steal my taxi.

I'm so pissed and tell him what a jerk he's being then he says ,,don't you know who I am?'' and of course the fool I am, I seriously don't recognize who he is. Then he just blurts out ,, I'm Harry Styles'' like he owns the world. That just filled my meter I'm so jet legged and I yell at him all the meanest words I can think of and he just stands there looking like a complete moron.


Author's note:

Excuse the short chapter, it's just a short pilot. Please give me your opinion and tell me what you think. xx

Ps. more about to happen soon.

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