She's not afraid (Harry Styles fanfiction)

I'm Elena, I just turned 17 years old and I finally get to live my dream. I'm moving to north London and I'm going to be enrolling in college there. It just so happens that the famous band One Direction live close by.
(Harry Styles fanfiction)


3. Awkward

We had just finished decorating our dorm when someone knocked on the door. Eleanor ran and opened it before I could say anything, I wasn't surprised when none other than Louis Tomlinson stood there in our doorway. I noticed someone with curly hair standing behind him, I stood there frozen. He must hate me or think I'm weird or always grumpy and a horrible person. I ran into our small bathroom and decided I was just going to stay there until everyone was gone. My plan didn't exactly work out the way I planned. Eleanor being the outgoing person she is yelled at me to come get my ass out of the bathroom. I really didn't want to go, I jumped up when all of a sudden someone knocked hard on the door telling me to come, yeez Eleanor I'm coming. I fixed my long wavy hair, put on some mascara and eyeliner to make my dark brown eyes more noticeable. I had on a white blouse, some high waisted denim shorts and my black converse. Well I did look okay. I opened the door slowly and looked up and saw Harry staring at me, I was hoping he didn't remember me. I'm always so lucky of course he hadn't forgotten about me. Eleanor was about to introduce us when he said ,,yeah I know who she is,  she's the crazy airport girl''. Just my luck. Eleanor and Louis stood there with strange faces and both said at the same time that they were just leaving, cause this was way too awkward. When they had left me and Harry where the only ones in the room. I just stood there awkwardly, he really was gorgeous.

*More to come soon*

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