Running (liam payne)

Love or lust? Evil or good? Vampire or werewolf?Niall or Liam? Harry or Zayn?

I ask myself these questions everyday???


3. chapter two: Vampires

Hey this is the second chapter in this book I hope you enjoy this!! :)))

My Pov:

"What do you need love?" Louis asked me as the three lads watched my every move." I want you to inform my Parents thatttt.... Three young men are here" I explained he nodded and quickly left the room.

I turned back to face them as my parents walked in the room" these are the three vampire princes that rule three fourths of the world.i laughed loudly and the three princes looked at me smirking." Ok so I rule the rest I have the throne here since you guys stepped down and Niall is going to be king soon and if they came here to threaten me in anyway I don't give a damn" I explained my parents looked shocked as did the three princes.

I walked outside into my football field(soccer field) and got my ball out and kicked across the field and back inside and up into my room only to be pulled back by a cold hand. I turned and saw the curly haired lad smiling at me and the tips of the fangs poked out of his rosey lips." Can I touch your fang?"I asked studying it. He nodded and I touched it pricking my finger by mistake.he took a deep breathe and smiled at me " I'm Harry by the way and that's Zayn and Liam " he said poking behind me.

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