Running (liam payne)

Love or lust? Evil or good? Vampire or werewolf?Niall or Liam? Harry or Zayn?

I ask myself these questions everyday???


7. chapter six:Liam stays

Hey guys sorry for the long wait here is the next chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

"Liam stop following me" I said as I walked up the staircase he kept walking behind me. Not saying anything I walked into my room and Liam walked in to locking my door. "Love you are my mate Niall is not your true love" Liam said taking a step closer to me with each word.

So that he was now standing right in front of me and my back was against my bed. He spread my legs apart and walked in between them so that his hands were on ether side of my head." You can't change that love" he said smiling softly at me.

"I guess I can't so-" I was cut off by a growl from Niall." Get away from her you bloodsucker" he growled at Liam who smashed his cold but soft lips on mine and freezing Niall in the process. He cupped my left cheek with his right hand.

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