Running (liam payne)

Love or lust? Evil or good? Vampire or werewolf?Niall or Liam? Harry or Zayn?

I ask myself these questions everyday???


8. chapter seven:my first

Hey guys sorry for the wait here is the new chapter!!!! Enjoy!!!! Sex part skip if you want.....

My Pov:

Sparks.... Was all I felt as Liam's tongue found its way into my mouth his tongue was warm but why were his lips cold? I thought to myself I let his tongue roam my mouth as my hands found their way to his soft hair tugging on it and a growl like moan rumbled in his chest.

He started to roughly grind his erection on me causing me to moan in his mouth and a purr like sound came out of his mouth as he pulled away. With almost pitch black eyes his hands ripped my shirt off by mistake Liam moaned. As he eyed my breast with passion and lust he pulled off my black lace bra.

Then dove for my left boob letting his tongue swirl around my nipple making it harden. He did the same to my right nipple then he took the rest of our clothes off. His long thick length sprung up hitting his stomach making my eyes widen.

He smiled softly and spread my legs apart and placed the head of his length outside my entrance and slowly pushed himself into me breaking my barrier in the process pain was all that hit and Liam knew that too. He stopped and let me adjust I nodded then he slowly thrusted in and out of me.

He growled in pleasure and went even faster causing me to moan out in pleasure then he came inside me.

Sorry for the wait

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