Running (liam payne)

Love or lust? Evil or good? Vampire or werewolf?Niall or Liam? Harry or Zayn?

I ask myself these questions everyday???


2. chapter one:love

Hey guys this is a new story I thought of just day here is the first chapter enjoy!! :)

My Pov:

"Hey love" I heard Niall say from behind me as he wrapped his warm arms around my waist" Hey nialler how are you?" I asked as i turned to face him."I'm wonderful love" he said as his crystal blue eyes sparkled we both leaned in slowly then his warm soft lips met mine. Sparks and bombs went off as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

And tangling my fingers in his blonde and brownish locks tugging on them making him moan lowly.i heard someone cough from behind us, I pulled away and turned around and saw a tall lad with curly brown hair and green eyes he was pale too.

Niall turned around and his eyes grew dark"Harry" Niall growled."hey Niall"he said happliy Niall pulled me to his chest as two other lads walked in. They were pale two I whistled and Louis walked in and bowed I pulled him up" no bowing Louis" I said as he scratched the back of his neck.

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