Running (liam payne)

Love or lust? Evil or good? Vampire or werewolf?Niall or Liam? Harry or Zayn?

I ask myself these questions everyday???


9. chapter eight: Niall is pissed

Hey guys sorry for the long wait but here is the new chapter enjoy!!!

My Pov:

"Mm I hope you bare my kids love" Liam said to me as he pulled his long thick length out of me. He got dressed with red cheeks as did I. He unfroze time and Niall looked confused but than saw our red cheeks.

He bolted out of the room leaving us alone "he is pissed" Liam said laughing a bit. I nodded and looked down Liam lifted my chin and softly smiled causing me to smile to.

"Don't worry about him love I got you I'm your true mate not him love" Liam said to me. I nodded as the two other vampire princes entered the room. Zayn smirked at Liam and patted his back.

Harry did the same and they both left the room Liam looked happy with himself as Niall entered the room." Love I'm sorry but I cannot marry you since Liam was your first" Niall said than left the room without a other word.

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